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Are you Fat or Tired or just plain Tired of being Fat?  Life is harder on you when you are fat. I know that for a fact. I know exactly how you feel. I am Eric Johnson and I am Tired of being Fat. I am going to lose 80 lbs and melt right before your eyes. If you got the "want to" you can join me and lose it too. Let's do it together.
In the beginning there was a FatMan named Eric Johnson. He decided 0n 6/1/2007 to lose weight fast (80 lbs in 180 days) and see how many other fat people he could get to lose weight with him. He had a crazy idea that most Fat People were tired of being Fat and even more tired of being lied to about how easy it is to lose fat. Fat loss is a key to good health. He decided that he would offer a way for anyone to lose as much weight as they wanted without the hype. Just sound diets and good diet support. You can monitor his progress for yourself day by day. This FatMan offers a daily "how to" from someone who is losing weight in real time. No magic pill here just a FatMan Melting and helping others do the same. Eric even harbored a crazy idea that he could help Fat people everywhere get together and help each with their diets and diet support. Maybe even lose a total of 1,000,000 pounds worldwide. This guy must be some kind of a nut. He looks like a nut. This is his initial picture taken on 6/3/2007 two days after starting his meltdown. --------->


80 lbs in 180 days can he do it?
6/1/2007    Start -  255 lbs

6/2/2007               253 lbs (-2)

6/3/2007               251 lbs (-2)

6/4/2007               250 lbs (-1)

6/5/2007               250 lbs
6/6/2007               250 lbs

6/7/2007               249 lbs (-1)

6/8/2007               248 lbs (-1)

6/9/2007               245 lbs (-3) 

10 Down 70 To Go

FatMan Knowledge Nugget #1- Diet is not a bad word. Your Diet is just the food you choose to eat each day. Embrace your diet. It is one area in your life where you can consistently exert some control.
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The FatMan is Walking the Walk on Weight Loss Talk
Welcome- Ready to finally reach your potential? OK. Then check out the FatMan over there. He's losing 80 pounds in 6 months. This I know: If you want to succeed at something then seek out someone that is achieving the result you want and just copy what they are doing. It's all right here for you 24 hours a day: diet plans (that work), nutrition and exercise tips, a daily blog and on and on. Do yourself a favor and check in with the FatMan. He's the real deal.