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Date                Weight            Total Loss

6/08/07               248                     7
6/09/07               245                    10
6/10/07               243                    12
6/11/07               242                    13
6/12/07               241                    14
6/13/07               240                    15
6/14/07               240                    15   
Total Loss for Week    8 lbs
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6/8 to 6/14 248 to 240lbs The picture was taken 6/8/2007. All of the pictures on the weekly update page will be representative of my appearance at the start of each week. All of my pics and measurements will be taken on Saturdays. This wlll allow my personal photographer (wifey) to provide some shot consistency. I am not saying they will be consistently good, just consistent. I did decide to use the shirt I am wearing as my official weigh in shirt for the duration. There will be no more laundering so I will remove that variable. I have a lot more pics in the member area that show more detailed results, shirtless skin shots (come on you don't think I am going to show those to you for free) and also inches lost.