Questions And Answers
Why FatManmelts?       Here is a few of my reasons. 
  1. Because I know how to lose weight. I also sincerely believe that I can help A LOT OF OTHER PEOPLE LOSE TONS OF WEIGHT. 
  2. I am tired of everyone preying on Fat People and using our food addiction as their ticket to wealth. The idea that significant weight loss is easy or that all you have to do is take this pill or use this device and you will magically lose weight is insulting to me. The whole "send me your money and everyhting will be allright sales tactics - (just look at Johnny or Sally's pictures they lost 50 lbs) is  very irritating to me.
  3. This may sound corny to you but it is important to me: I believe that if you help people get what they want and you are honest doing it your cup will runneth over.              
    I think the weight loss industry overall is long on hype and short on                                substance.  I want to provide a little substance.     

Who am I?  Hello. My name is Eric Johnson and I am a Fat Man. I stand 5' 11'' I weighed 255lbs on 6/1/2007. I am going to melt down to 175 lbs in 180 days, (that is 11/26/2007) or sooner, and still be there or below on 1/1/2008. This isn't as fad diet for me, it is a lifestyle change to get control of my Food Addiction. On the personal side, I am 47 years old, married with a great wife (she has lost 55 lbs herself) and a fantastic teenage daughter. They make life a lot more bearable for me.  I am a Career Corporate Sales Person with an Engineering Education who has lived and worked in lots of places over the last 22 years. Born in Atlanta, GA I have lived/worked  in Florida, California, Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina. I sell/sold computer Widgets for large OEMs, had my own Rep Company, and most recently worked for a small electronics parts distributor. I just lost that job, but DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR ME. IT WAS PROBABLY THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED.

It wasn't a great job, in fact it was pretty bad. It was one of those jobs that a lot of us probably go to every day. One that provides a decent income, but not a job that makes you feel excited about getting up and going to work each day. It "paid the bills" as they say. You do it because well, its your job; it makes the ends meet at the end of the month. You make decent money  (not great but not terrible) and you know that finding another job is whole other can of worms. So most of us just cruise along in overdrive until we hit a bump in the road. Anyway that was me, plugging along unsatisfied in Middle Class America with no real passion about my job, or life for that matter.

Losing that job gave me the jolt i needed. It gave me some time and a reason to literally
(in the mirror) take a good long look at myself . What I saw was pretty sad: A 47 year old FatMan who couldn't honestly say he done much except make some money (and not enough of that to retire on).  I did a lot of thinking.  I thought about where I was headed and how  that wasn't the direction I really wanted to go. I thought about changing myself for the better physically. I thought about what I enjoyed doing, and how good it made me feel inside when I helped someone else out. Even doing something minor like mowing the grass over at the Church next door. I thought about how I had always wanted to author a book but never got around to it. I was always so busy. And I also thought about how I had never really used my Computer Engineering Degree for much once I left school because I had "sold out" to sales, as my Engineering School classmates would remind me.

That was a lot of thinking for me. I decided to change, and help others change  if I could. So that is when I decided to I started I was going to lose some weight anyway so maybe I could help some other people at the same time.

I am going to go through an 80 lb weight loss process day by day, pound by pound and inch by inch. I am also going to see how many people I can reach out and help to battle and win their struggle with Food Addiction. In the process I will get to do a lot of writing and also figure out how the Internet works. I'll try and do the Internet work myself so I can catch up on the technology and learn how eCommerce works. FatManMelts covers all of my bases.

So now you know some of what makes me tick. We will learn a lot more about each other later when we chat in our "Chew The Fat" forum.          

WIIFM - What's in it for me?  In other words what do you get out of FatManMelts. That is what everyone always wants to know. What are you getting and what am I getting and is it a good deal for you.  I don't know what you want other than to lose weight and for now that  is a lot all by itself. Especially if you are going to lose 80 lbs like me. There are a lot of fat people like me out in the world today who are just grazing mindlessly and have physically given up. I had pretty much resigned myself to being fat: just going through the daily motions and putting off any weight loss commitment. If you are Fat you know how easy it is to procrastinate. All the while knowing my health was in long term jeopardy. It really is a pathetic way to go through life. Especially having been thinner and knowing how much better life is when you are looking good and feeling good. Its crazy the ruts we allow ourselves to get into. Here is a list benefits I thought up. I am sure that you could add a few more of your own.

What have you got to lose?
  1. Weight, the obvious one. Toting around an extra 80 lbs a day will wear anyone out.
  2. The mental monkey off your back, you know you SHOULD lose weight so when you do you get a strange sense of relief
  3. The stares the jokes the general demeaning attitude that society directs toward us FATTIES
  4. The old "Oh woe is me" attitude
  5. Your current non-existent energy level
  6. add you own here
What have you got to gain?

  1. A healthy lifestyle and a big dose of self respect
    • Lose 10 lbs feel better
    • Lose 25 lbs look better
    • Lose 50+ lbs (and keep it off) change your path in life
  2. A new outlook on life. When you find that you can conquer the one addiction that has bothered you FOREVER you will be ready to take on any challenge
  3. Mobility, Agility, and Activity. I don't care if we are talking about the boardroom, the bedroom, or the ball field. Life is better when you can participate instead of watch from the sidelines
  4. Add your own here I sure you have at least one

When/How Do I Start?  Will it work for you and how to you go about getting involved. First of all it starts when you decide that you have had enough. When you are tired of being fat and tired. If you have reached that point then you are ready. Don't click below unless you are ready for change.

How Much Does It Cost?  That is a fair question. You have probably been wondering that for a while. Don't worry I believe in giving everyone "more for less". 
Who Can join For now anyone over 18. Eventually we may  support minors as well but I believe that it is best starting off to focus on independent adults. I would encourage you to talk to your children if they have a weight problem as well (which is highly likely), but you will find that one of the best ways to effect change in your children is by setting a good example.