How Do I Get Involved?
You don't get "involved" or "join" you make a commitment. A commitment to  yourself and to those you love. A commitment to finally learn how to manage your Food Addiction. Commitment means dedication, and dedication means not giving up. Being "involved" is like putting your toe in the water to check the temperature before deciding whether to jump in. Commitment is jumping in with both feet. Commitment is knowing that you will find a way to make it work, even when the going gets tough. Commitment is a marriage vow or signing your name to a contract.

A big part of the reason you are sitting there fat right now is because you never really committed yourself to losing weight. You never took it REALLY seriously.  There was always a reason to put it off.
Tomorrow is always a good excuse for us Fatties. There is always tomorrow. Or my all time favoite. I am too busy. And even if you did commit (or thought you did) you probably had a weak reason as to why you wanted to lose the weight in the first place.

I actually got to the point one time where when I decided to lose some weight I thought that my day's work was done when I ordered something off the Internet. How sad is that. I have been there.

Our relationship will only work if you are honest with yourself and with me. You are going to have to shine the light on yourself, and realize that there is some serious work to be done.  Do us both a favor and don't go any further unless you are willing to do what is necessary to change. If you willing but scared or apprehensive that's OK. If you are thinking in the back of your mind that this is something I can start TOMORROW or NEXT WEEK leave now. You are not ready to join us.

So how do you get started?
It starts when you make a commitment to yourself and to those that you care about. When you truly are Tired of being Fat and are ready to do something about. If so join in and do some melting.