FatMan here. I just noticed that it has been 2 weeks since my last blog entry. I wanted to drop all a note and let you know that I have cooked up some more crazy things for me to accomplish next year in 2008. The first thing that I am going to do is to really get in excellent physical shape. That means a focus shift from how much weight I can lose to how strong and fit can I get.

For all of you nit pickers I want to give you my latest weight update. I have not weighted for the last two weeks. Today I weighed 195 pounds on the scales. That means that I have GAINED 20 POUNDS since I finished up my weight loss program of 80 pounds in 180 days. That is not very good weight management is it. I really enjoyed the holidays, way TOO Much!! My daughter was in town and we literally “pigged out”. Oh well, I never said I was perfect. But the GOOD NEWS is that next year (tomorrow) will arrive “just in time” for me to continue on with my new slimmer fatman persona.

I will be the first person to tell you that I ate a LOT of foods that (let’s just say) weren’t the best choices for someone trying to either lose weight or keep weight off. I actually got tired of eating. It gave me that same sluggish feeling that I had before I went on my initial weight loss journey back on 6/1/2007. It also reinforced a few of my earlier beliefs such as:

  1. I am a food addict. If I don’t make a conscious effort to stay slim I WILL gain weight just through eating
  2. I don’t want to regain my weight and felt really pretty guilty the last few days. I knew that I had gained some weight and I was actually ANXIOUS to get back started on my “super fitness quest”
  3. The more I realize how many people are selling different weight loss/control products the more that I confirm to myself that they are all really the same (the good ones at least). You need to follow the basics and you will be fine. The basics are good nutrition, Exercise and making sure you take vitamins/supplements to give your body the right fuel. Oh yeah, and don’t forget the good old H2O.

I am happy where I am right now. I am in a good place as far as my health goes. My weight is higher than I would like by a few pounds and I am not in really good physical “shape” as far as being able to withstand a lot of strenuous exercise but I am close. I would say that I am a 7 out of 10 now. It is my hope that after the next 90 days of STRENUOUS WORKOUTS I will be approaching an 8.5 to 9.0 or so. I want to get much stronger and in much better cardio shape.

Santa Claus brought to me the power 90 workout system. I am going to follow it closely and see where it takes me. I will post some pictures as I go along and we will see what happens. I am starting it up tomorrow. I reviewed the info today and it seems pretty straight forward. LOTS of WORK.

Work is good for you as my dad used to say.

Stay tuned to see what happens.

God Bless us Fat people,