FatMan here. This has been the longest I have gone without writing in my blog. The blog will now be transformed into a tool for periodic updates until the first of the new year 2008. That is when I am going to re weigh in and see a few things:

  1. How have I done over the last month since losing 80 pounds. Have I gained any a lot or a little.
  2. Define a starting point for my next personal challenge

I know I know you are probably thinking what is next for this guy? He lost 80 pounds what can we do for an encore so to speak. Well let me ask you this, what is most important for your continued health AFTER you lose weight? A lot of weight?

Answer: You get in good physical SHAPE. You want to be able to ENJOY your new body. The best way to do that is to exercise to the point to where you attain peak physical conditioning. Now I could develop my own work out plan, develop a time frame and go for it but I have decided to go a different route.

I am going to “hopefully” have Santa bring me a 3 month plan to get into peak physical condition. This way I can just take the plan formulation aspect out of the equation and focus solely on executing an already proven plan. It does have the downside of having to actually purchase the plan, but since it is a self contained (all inclusive) program I can just crank it out and see where it takes me. I am hoping to get into the best physical shape of my life. No easy task or statement since that will take a lot of work, but at least I have my weight fairly much under control.

I am not going to lie. Over the last 20 days or so I have eaten plenty of evil foods. I am certain that I have gained some weight, but I won’t know for sure until 12/31/2007 when I next weight in. I may even surprise myself with how well I have done to keep my weight inline. I still have some time to reduce as necessary.

Some of the things that I have noticed that I personally need to watch are:

  • consistent workouts; I seem to be sluffing off on them already. Maybe it is because I know that I have an intense program on the horizon but I need to get back to working out regularly
  • eating past 7PM. This is a cardinal taboo. I need to stop this
  • eating refined sugar laden foods. Another taboo I need to stop
  • not consistently drinking water, your engine needs cleaning regularly and water helps to flush the system

The good news is that not only do I recognize that I am not following my stay slim “rules” I will make sure to take action to rectify the problem areas. I can tell today that I do not feel as good this AM as I should and it is a direct result of my dietary choices over the last week.

The great thing a bout being a food addict is that you know when you are doing wrong, there is no question. All I need to do is refocus and move on.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Don’t blame yourself for eating some things you know you shouldn’t instead recognize it is bad and take steps to eliminate it in the future. All us food addicts are human, just keep your focus on getting slim and staying slim and not on the false gratification that you THINK that evil food will give you.

God Bless us Fat People