FatMan here. So what do you do after you lose 80 pounds in 171 days? What is next for this FatMan? Well the obvious answer is that you work on KEEPING the weight off. I am going to do that. Today we will just talk about some common sense methods to keep your weight off and some of the issues that you will run into.

First you will probably have a BIG urge to go out and CELEBRATE. This is natural and OK. I did so myself. I ate some things yesterday and today that I haven’t in a while, a long while. It was deserved. It was planned. But it is STILL DANGEROUS for us FAT PEOPLE to go out and indulge in the foods that we used to live our lives around. Go ahead and enjoy yourself. Eat what you want as a weight loss food reward; but do it with MODERATION. This is KEY. DO NOT GO INTO A FOOD EATING BINGE!!! Remember you are a food addict. Food is like a drug to us, we love to eat it.

Here are a few hints when you go out and eat your former “best friends” (your top saliva generating foods).

  1. When the food arrives don’t immediately dig in. Look at it for 2 minutes and ask yourself why this food is so important to you. You will realize that it is mostly just because you are hungry or you think you are hungry. If you are NOT hungry DO NOT EAT THE FOOD. Eat it ONLY when hungry.
  2. Eat the food slowly and really taste it. Ask yourself why you think this particular food is so important to you. Critique the way it is prepared and pay particular attention to its taste. If it is over or under cooked or does not seem to taste as good as you remembered use this to your advantage. Tell yourself that this is not such a “great” tasting food after all. Maybe it isn’t even worthy of eating.
  3. Do not eat all of it. Leave some of it behind. This is very symbolic of you mentally breaking the hold this food has on you. You are, after all, in charge of what you eat.

Fatman Knowledge Nugget: You are in charge of the food you put in your mouth. The more selective you become here the better you can manage your weight.

Secondly you will feel like you are “free” and no longer need to “diet”. I have some big news for you. We are ALL ALWAYS ON A DIET. Eating 8000 calories of ice cream a day is a diet. It involves a high calorie bad food choice, but it is still a diet. Just a bad one. You will always need to focus and make consistently intelligent choices on what you eat and when you eat to maintain your weight loss. It does not need to be a “sentence” but rather look at it as a new beginning. Try some different recipes that are lower calorie and have lower fat and sugar content. Use the willpower that you have built up to continue on using your new food intake rules. Become a more discriminating eater. You can certainly ENJOY eating just do so knowing that what you are fueling your body with needs to help you maintain your activity level as well as your new sleeker outline.


Along with your body make sure that you do not ignore your mind. Tell yourself that you are a slim and trim and plan on staying that way. Explore ways to enhance your fitness and not just maintain it. Read up and put some of the things that you learn into practice. Your new life is about being proactive in all areas. You are not just trying to “maintain” you are ready to ENHANCE your life.

In short, go for it. Don’t let anything hold you back.

God Bless Us Fat People,