FatMan here. Now that I have met my weight loss goal my weight loss challenge is over. I have succeeded in doing what very few (including I must admit at times) including ME thought was possible. To lose 80 pounds in 180 days . It is both gratifying as well as humbling to realize that you have done something of this magnitude. No, I didn’t broker World peace, solve the World’s hunger problem, or even save anyone’s life. But still, the personal accomplishment of losing 80 pounds (let alone in 171 days) is noteworthy for several reasons.

First it gives ME hope that I can go on and keep the weight off from now on. This should lead to a more productive life and perhaps even a more rewarding one. It will definitely allow me to go on and do things physically that I could not have otherwise attempted. This will help to keep the exercise phase of my maintenance program from getting boring.

Second it gives me credibility in building a platform from which I can help others battle (and conquer)their food addiction problems. Hey us fat people need to face it, WE JUST LOVE TO EAT. Food tastes GOOD to us. We enjoy not only eating, but eating to excess FREQUENTLY. For some of us food addicts our whole life seems to revolve around eating or planning our next meal. Subconsciously we also orient our lives around meal times to make sure we have the best chances to eat the tastiest foods available to us. This obsession with food is not healthy for either your body or mind. After awhile we even try to convince ourselves that this is normal. We start to tell ourselves that the blimp in the mirror really isn’t THAT fat, but deep down we know otherwise. Sooner or later something triggers a reality check and you finally admit to yourself that you really are fat and tired. The BIG LEAP is in going from ADMITTING it to yourself to COMMITTING personally to do something about it.

Third, my weight loss journey success has instilled measurable amount of personal pride and sense of achievement. I now am convinced that I can take on and accomplish almost any goal that my mind can achieve. I have already been thinking about some new goals that I will share with you in the next few days. These goals will, in their own way, be just as challenging as losing 80 pounds in 180 days. The purpose of these new goals is really twofold; one it keeps me engaged and active in pursuit of maintaining my weight and increasing my fitness level. Secondly, it gives me an easy way to continue to relate to the fat people community and show my fellow fatties that the journey doesn’t STOP when you lose your weight. It is really just beginning.

Phase II is really just Phase I continued. If you are fat and tired and most importantly tired of being fat then hop on board and lets get your life reoriented.

God Bless us Fat People,