FatMan here. Well I am 8 weeks into my “total body transformation” and I must say I am not totally transformed yet. I have found that the workouts for the Power 90 routine are very strenuous and they do help you to build muscle but I must say that the workouts are pretty BORING for me. I am not saying they don’t work just that the repetition gets to you. Even when I went to level 3/4 and got into the harder workouts they just stay the same adding another set of reps and maybe a new move or 2.

On the positive side I have noticed that my muscle mass is increasing in my arms, they look and feel bigger. My waist also feels tighter due to the various crunches, but overall I really do not feel like I am in significantly better shape. I know that changing your body takes time, but for me I am a very impatient person. I want results fast and I am willing (for the most part) to do whatever is necessary to achieve them.

That is why today I decided to “modify” my power 90 routine to see if I can’t accelerate my progress. I am going to add a few different workout DVDs for my aerobic stuff to combat the boredom and also introduce entirely different exercises. Basic ones to be sure but still different. For instance I am going to start running twice a week for the next few weeks and gradually increase that to 3 to 4 times a week. I am also going to utilize a plain old weight training circuit of gym type machines in addition to my DVD strength workout. And lastly to re energize my metabolism I am going to drive my body into ketosis for a week or so to burn off some fat that has accumulated over the last month or so. Not a whole lot but maybe 8-10 pounds of fat that I need to shave off for my later year goal.

I still have a vision of myself getting into the best shape of my life but it looks like the power 90 route needs a little modification for me. There is one other thing that I have noticed that seems to hurt my cause for “best shape ever” status. I have not been weighing every day like I did on my fatmanmelts 80 pounds in 180 days drive. This lack of daily “reality check” seems to give me a false sense of security regarding my weight and workout out state. It is almost like if you don’t weigh and don’t know how much you weight then it is OK to continue on eating evil foods.

I think more than anything this is a food addict attitude. Out of sight out of mind may work with some things but us food addicts are really kidding ourselves if we think that we can eat what we want to excess and we still look “OK”.

It is only a matter of time until the fatman will return in that scenario. Food is enjoyable but not worth the mental anguish of regaining your lost weight.

I am going to write more in my blog to keep others motivated (as well as the FatMan) and help show the way to some of us fat people that still have hope of losing their excess flab. It can be done. I did it so can you.

God Bless us Fat People,