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Day 153 Weight 181 lbs Lost 0 lbs – “Pain or Pleasure” (6 to go) (Paid my DEWS – Yes)


FatMan here. Let’s be frank here. Can I call you Frank? Bad joke.. Anyway I was thinking about some of the hardships that us Fat People have to go through to lose weight and one theme seemed to keep popping back up. We need to not only modify our routines drastically we also need to come to grips with giving up things that we think we hold dear. We need to almost retrain our thought processes to insure long term weight loss losses. At the crux of this deep personal “change” is a basic human concept. The concept of Pain vs Pleasure.

Us humans enjoy pleasure. In fact, all animals enjoy pleasure. After all it is pleasurable. It just feels good. Or at least we THINK it feels good. Pleasure is one of our biggest motivating factors. When the weekend hits we run out and do something we WANT TO DO because we associate some measure of pleasure with it. Think about your own life and what you find pleasure in. What do you enjoy? How does that make you feel? Do you seek pleasure out or wait for it to come to you? Most of us will seek it out. If we are not seeking pleasure then we are doing our best to avoid PAIN.

That is our other biggest motivator. Us humans want to avoid PAIN at all costs. We will go WAY out of our way to avoid pain. We don’t want to FEEL it, we don’t want to experience it. We don’t even want to see someone else in pain. It drives us crazy. When broken down to its most primal form we are either seeking pleasure or avoiding pain. These thoughts drive most of our actions throughout the day. At times avoiding pain is impossible. Whether it is a work related issue or a house “chore” or a medical procedure, or a visit from the in laws there are certain types of pain that literally must be endured. We get through these trying “painful” times by mentally preparing ourselves for the experience. We tell ourselves it will be OK. That it will not last very long. That the reason for enduring the pain is better than the alternative of not going through with the feeling. We condition ourselves to either embrace the pain or mentally check out while it is happening. In either event we have decided that it is something that must be endured for the “long run” in our lives. Otherwise we would never consider willingly undergoing a painful experience.

For us Fat People losing weight is associated with PAIN. The pain of loss. Of losing the joy of eating all that food we cram down our mouths every day. The pain of the inevitable hunger that we associate with losing weight. With the weakness we feel when our food intake is cut and our engorged stomachs cry out to be filled. We even think of the pain of FAILING AGAIN to lose weight. This mental fear will sometimes be the biggest reason we don’t even TRY to lose weight again. Instead we take the more pleasurable path and procrastinate about it. We just put it off. We are still PLANNING on losing weight just not now. Not until the Holidays are over. Not until next week. Not until ………

To lose weight we need to rewire our Pain and Pleasure center. The fact that you are going to be hungry SOMETIMES while you diet is INEVITABLE. To think otherwise is silly. No pill (that is good for you) will keep you from ever feeling hungry while dieting. Just go ahead and face the facts. It makes life much simpler and easy to deal with. So instead of fearing the pain of hunger, embrace it. That’s right embrace it. When you are hungry you can still eat something, just go eat something good for you. Like an apple. Or drink a glass of water. And smile. Why? Because when you are hungry it means that your body is searching for energy. When it doesn’t find it in your stomach it goes and manufactures some off the excess fat you have stored up. So being hungry really equals the first step to losing weight. And that makes it a GOOD PAIN.

Now there is a concept to chew on. Good PAIN. What this means is body signals pain that you have previously determined are associated the pain to avoid now being relinked to pain sensations that you associate with weight loss progress. As we know progress will always eventually equal results. The same concept goes for sore muscles that you get from working out. This is not a signal to quit exercising, but rather it is your body telling you that you have worked some muscles to the point that they are being stretched and enlarged. They are repairing themselves. They are growing. These bigger muscles will also burn off more calories in the future than your older smaller ones, thus HELPING you lose more weight. So this sore muscle pain is a GOOD PAIN. Just work through it and you will be fine in a week or so.

When you work on it for a while you will be able to turn previous weight loss PAIN signals into PLEASURE signals. Don’t get me wrong they will still hurt. It will just be a GOOD HURT. A hurt that you know is leading to weight loss, a smaller, healthier, happier you.

Sometimes bad is good and pain is pleasure. Go figure.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 152 Weight 181 lbs Lost 0 lbs – “Unfinished Business” (6 to go) (Paid my DEWS – No)


FatMan here. Well sometimes you think that you have arrived when in fact your journey is incomplete. I feel like I have succeeded in meeting my weight loss goal when in fact I haven’t. This is a common diet trap us fat people fall into. Obviously I am in that same boat now. I need to understand that being 6 pounds away is still being 6 pounds overweight, and that I am not “close enough” to just mail it in.

I need to really bear down and get my dieting act together to finish off this neat body transformation I have undergone the past 5 months. I think one of the reasons that us fat people stay fat is that we settle for things rather than deciding what we want and then going out and getting it. You can argue that us fat people just “prioritize” our obesity control right off our “to do” list but for me that doesn’t cut it.

Why would any sane person put off taking care of the one area of their life (their health) that they can intimately control? I am sure that you have heard the saying without your health you have nothing, and that is pretty much true. The only real answer that I can come up with is that being a chronic fat person also means that you either do not know how to control your food urges or you don’t really care. I think most fat people do want to lose weigth but have long since just surrendered physically to their food urges.

How did this happen? Probably for a few reasons.

  • One they tried to lose weight but did not succeed and grew frustrated. They decided that it was either “too hard” or they convinced themselves that there was some physical hereditary reason that dictated that they were going to be fat all their lives.
  • Two they knew they can/could lose weight but didn’t want to pay the price to get it done. This is the classic risk/reward syndrome where the fat person knows that they need to lose weight and they want to lose weight but they are just not properly motivated. Plus they love eating too much.

In either case these fat people will not change their eating and exercise habits unless they feel threatened by either loss of lfe or something else that they hold equally dear.

Until then they will remain as always a fat person. Not necessarily happy about it but “resigned” to their fate.

You might say that all of us fat people have some “unfinished business” to attend to. It is the business of taking back control of your body and how you physically look and feel.

It is a simple business. Not easy but simple enough for anyone to understand and succeed at if they apply themselves. It can be a tough business as well. A dead serious business.

Don’t wait to find that out.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 151 Weight 181 lbs Lost 0 lbs – “Monday Monday” (6 to go) (Paid my DEWS – No)


FatMan here. Another wonderful Monday. What is so wonderful about another Monday?

Well, I do have my health. And I am on track to lose 80 pounds in 180 days. And I do have a great wife and daughter. And my mother is still alive and kicking at the young old age of 86. I love her dearly. And the weather is even turning nice after a lot of recent rain.

Life is not perfect, but it is pretty dawg gone good. For all of you out there that like to wallow in your own personal misery let me offer up an alternative. Enjoy your life. Enjoy today. Try and go out or your way to say hello, and even be nice, to someone that dislikes you. See how that makes you feel. See how that person responds to you in the future. Life is really too short to try and stay upset all the time.

If you haven’t noticed yet let me be the first to tell you. No one really cares about your problems. They have there own set they think are more important. That is why people that do not have a weight problem just cannot fathom why us fat people are fat. To them it is just so simple. Take the fork out of your mouth. Only eat when you are hungry. Eat one serving – that is enough.

Hey that is great advice. Us fat people need to listen up and take heed. Skinny people do know, after all, how to stay skinny. Some may have a lot more active metabolism that helps them but hey lets not nit pick here. Us fat people are fat because we consistently eat too much food and do not maintain an active enough lifestyle to burn off the excess calories we consume. We need to either eat less, or become more active. Or both.

We also need to maintain a good attitude about the whole process. Part of that is developing a glass is half full attitude. This means you have an “attitude of gratitude”. Be thankful. If for no other reason than Thanksgiving is coming up. It is the Holiday Season. Get festive. Reassess your life and your situation. Think about your future. Think about your dreams. You know the ones that used to be goals before they seemed so out of reach you only dream about them now.

They are still there. They might seem like they are a little out of focus, but you can still reach them. IF you think you can and make the effort.

Nothing happens without some effort on your part. Monday is a great day to start anew. It signals the start of a new week.

Make this your Monday, your week to start anew.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 150 Weight 181 lbs Lost 0 lbs 5 Months Already? (6 to go) (Paid my DEWS – No)


FatMan here. Well we can always debate whether or not time flies but we cannot deny that 5 months has passed since my weight loss journey started back on June 1 2007. I am excited that my journey is coming to an end and that it looks like it will be a successful journey. I have 6 pounds left to go and 30 days to get there. It should all work out.

I couldn’t help but reminisce some thinking back to where I started out and where I am now. In that spirit I am going to include some month by month photos for your review. It is really a pretty dramatic transformation. I hope that this will somehow motivate you to start your own personal weight loss journey.

In the Beginning there was a FatMan that weighted 255 pounds

In the beginning there was a FatMan that weighed 255 pounds. He was fat and tired and tired of being fat.


After 1 month the FatMan had lost 24 pounds and was weighing in at a portly 231.


After 2 months the FatMan was at 218 pounds and had lost 37 pounds.


After 3 months the FatMan was down to 205 pounds. That is 50 pounds of weight lost in 3 months!


After 4 months the FatMan was at a “slimmer” 195 pounds (65 pound loss)


FatMan’s most recent picture now 181 pounds or 74 total pounds lost!

My message to you is clear and simple. If I can do it so can you. Let’s do it together.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 149 Weight 181 lbs Lost 1 lb A Pound of Flesh (6 to go) (Paid my DEWS – Yes)


FatMan here. Well today I lost another pound and am now down to 181, 6 pounds away from my goal. I have 31 days left so I am feeling pretty good about my situation. I am glad that my 2 week hard diet cycle is coming to an end. These times are full of mixed emotions for me. I usually get very good results from these “Hare Diet” episodes but the restrictive nature of the food that I eat leaves me hungry. Being so close to my goal it is so easy to tell myself – “Go ahead eat something you want. You have plenty of time. You look fine now and even if you gain a few pounds you still have time to lose it”.

Diets will take their toll on you, especially the quick weight loss diets. I would advise anyone looking to lose weight to take their time and lose it much more slowly than I have. I think that it is much easier to, not only lose the weight, but to keep it off when you do so slow and steady instead of fast and furious. Fast and furious works (faster) but it takes its toll; it extracts it’s own personal “pound of flesh”.

We are individuals and we all have our own idea of what weight is right for us. I chose 175 pounds because it corresponds to a healthy BMI of 24.4. I personally think that 185 to 190 pounds is a good weight for me, but I am headed on down to 175.

Even thinking that 185 is OK for me is bad diet news. It is setting an internal expectation that I have already met my goal. Knowing this, I should really RESET my internal goal to make 175 pounds (my absolute minimum acceptable “new weight”). This way I will reach it and have a greater chance of staying there.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Your weight loss “journey” is really a lifetime “expedition”.

When us fat people think we look OK, then we are in real danger of regaining our weight and slipping right back into our previous bad food habits. It is just a sad fact that fat people can never “arrive”. We are always going to be a work in progress. A “successful” work in progress but still under construction.

Thats OK with me. I have finally realized that over the past 5 months. It is just another part of my “pound of flesh”.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 148 Weight 182 lbs Lost 0 lbs “The Key” (7 to go) (Paid my DEWS – Yes)


FatMan here. It is the start of a new diet week and so far I did pretty good on my latest diet push. I am trying to get down to 180 by Sunday. I was listening to the radio the other day and heard a song that highlights the struggles that us fat people go through. It is by the Eagles I think and it is called “Already Gone”. For those of you in the “younger set” the Eagles were a popular band back in the 70’s and 80’s. I think they still might tour some but I really don’t keep up with them. They did have some excellent songs.

“Already Gone” is one of them. It probably wasn’t written specifically to address being obese but one line in the song speaks volumes about our struggles. It goes something like this: (I think this is word for word but I may have it wrong).

“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.”

The chains being our food addiction and the key being our own resolve to lose weight. No one forces us to eat, or overeat. No one forces us to give up on exercise and good nutrition. No one forces us to keep eating when we are full. We do this voluntarily all by ourselves. We are, in a sense prisoners. Prisoners in a prison we call our body that we have fashioned bite by bite by painful bite. Entombed by our own bodies and the obesity we have surrounded it with. The extra pounds literally smother us. They keep us from doing the things we want. The excess fat makes our lives less than they could be. It is a sad situation.

Sad but not hopeless. Because the solution, “the key”, is right there in front of us. It is literally our own choice whether we stay fat or not. We all know if we cut down on our food and exercise we will lose weight. If we do it long enough we will lose all the weight we want to. If we continually modify our food intake and activity levels we will stay fit and trim the rest of our lives. No secret to it, just a mental key you need to decide to  turn.

Everyone has their problems. For us fat people it is being fat. At least we can change if we want to.

After all, like the Eagles say, we have had the key all along. At least now you know it is there.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 147 Weight 182 lbs Lost 0 lbs Build You a Diet Toolbox (7 to go) (Paid my DEWS – Yes)


FatMan here. A lot of you fat people have been on diets. Some of you have lost a LOT OF WEIGHT on diets but for whatever reason have not kept it off. We all have our sad stories (believe me I have mine) but that serves no purpose here. Our past positive weight loss experiences, however, are valuable and can be used again to help you in your new quest to get rid of your excess fat. The good news for us old time dieters who have not been able to keep lost weight lost but can seem to lose weight initially is that we have the battle half won. We just need to learn how to “close the deal” as they say in sales jargon.

Here is what I each of us fat People needs to do. Build our own personal “Diet Toolbox”. If you are a man this should be fairly easy to follow, I apologize in advance to your women who are not “fix it yourself” people. Anytime something breaks that you decide to fix you spring into action. What is the first thing you do?

Typically you decide first if it is worth fixing or if you should just go out and buy a “newer” model. Well, unfortunately with your body you only have one and you really can’t go buy a new one. OK, I guess you can go get liposuction and other plastic surgery to get rid of your fat if you have the money. For most of us that is not really an option. We might try and “buy our way” to thinness with a Health Club Membership (we end up not using) or a super duper weight loss/muscle building machine that now “proudly” sits gathering dust somewhere in our house. But us fat people soon find out that it takes more than money to get thin like we want to be. If you have made these “purchasing mistakes” don’t fret it may be good for you after all.

On to fixing the problem. Once you decide you need to fix it yourself you allocate time and gather the resources needed. If you need to get any supplies you make a list and go get them before you start, this saves you time. Then you start. You grab your TOOLBOX and get to work. What ever you need to fix your problem you find in your TOOLBOX. If , for some reason, you don’t have the proper tool you go BUY it and ADD it to your TOOLBOX so that the NEXT TIME a similar situation pops up you are PREPARED.

You need to Build yourself a Diet Toolbox. It will keep you on track and help you to succeed. What do you put in it? Good question. Here are some suggestions.

  • Attitude – I know this is not something you can put your hand on but it is important. Make sure you know how important it is for you to lose your extra weight, how much you are going to lose and how long it will take you. These are your “repair instructions”. Keep them in your toolbox so you can refer to them constantly. They will keep you on track.
  • Diets -Pick and Follow a sensible diet that is geared toward the total weight loss and time frame you have in mind. I have a system I follow that works for me and I will share with you if you decide to become a member. But most weight loss plans and programs will work if you work them. Just remember to make sure you get checked out by a doctor before starting any kind of serious diet and that you research the diet for possible side effects. Not all diets are good for all people.
  • On Line Tools – This is an awesome resource for your toolbox. Here you can search on all kinds of weight loss tips. You can find exercises to try, new diet foods to incorpoate in your daily food intake plan, vitamins necessary to add to your diet. Just all kinds of things.
  • To Do’s – Things like daily weigh ins, taking your weekly measurements, daily physical activity plans, these are all part of your To Do’s that you keep in your toolbox. If you find that something really works for you, make a note of it. Same with those things that do not work for you. We are all different, just make a note of it. It is good to keep a daily diary of what and how much you eat. This way you can track weight loss results and pinpoint what is working.
  • Activity – The more active you are the better. Try new physically active hobbies, try new and different workouts and be consistent in being physically active. Add a weight training component to your activity cycle at least twice a week. The goal being to maintain lean muscle mass during your fat loss.
  • Vitamins – It just makes sense to me that if you are reducing the food you take in your are also reducing the vitamins and minerals that you take in. After a while this COULD have a negative effect on your health. So head it off and every day take a good multivitamin and a few other supplements that you think you might need. I use Swanson vitamins because they are good and cheap and seem to be a pretty honest company. You make you own choice here. The more you read up on vitamins and minerals the more you will adopt them into your daily life, which is not a bad thing at all.
  • New Acquaintances – Reach out either with your new physically active hobby or in some other form to make new “healthier” acquaintances and eventually friends. The more people that are focused on health and physical fitness that you keep around you the more likely it is to “rub off” on you. This is just good sound logic.
  • Goal list – Make a list of what you want and embed it in your mind. You can actually train your mind to help you move toward your goals. The more goal oriented that you become that greater chance that you will achieve your goal of losing and KEEPING you excess fat lost.
  • Inventory – Remember all those workout and weight loss “helpers” that you have previously bought. Well the GOOD NEWS is that they can STILL HELP YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT. Go find them all and add them to your toolbox. Use them to help you lose weight and I GUARANTEE you that your self image will improve. If nothing else you can go to your husband or wife and say with conviction:I guess that $200 was pretty well spent after all…. Nothing like returning an “I told you so” to it’s owner. It FEELS GOOD!

If you put all of that in your toolbox you are ready to go to work. You don’t have to ask how or why or when. You don’t need any “supplies”.

Just roll up your sleeves and start. Remember, every journey starts with a single step.

Take your first step today.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 146 Weight 182 lbs Lost 0 lbs Time Limited (7 to go) (Paid my DEWS – Yes)


FatMan here. Have you ever thought about your own mortality? About how long you really have left to live? I know that none of us knows for sure how long we have, but we do know that our time here on Earth is LIMITED. We are only here for so long. Sometimes you get reminded of it by a passing from someone you hold dear. Other than that we try and forget that our stay here is temporary. I guess it is human nature to not focus on our own demise; but it is inevitable. I think for us Fat people this may be even more true. We all think that we have tomorrow or next week or next month, or since it is nearly “holiday Season” next year to start our diets and lose our excess weight. We practice procrastination so frequently and so well that we can convince ourselves that tomorrow will always come.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Tomorrow WILL come, you just might not be here to see it.

That thinking has a basic flaw in that we DON’T know how long we have. If we ASSUME we will be here in the future we will probably be right but there is no guarantee. If you really think about it time is one of our most precious resources. What we choose to do with our time forms our personality and how we approach life. You can either “take it as it comes” or “take the reins” and exert some control over your time. Especially your “free time”.

Your free time is the time that you have all to yourself. Us Fat people like to spend it either eating or thinking about food. To us this is “quality time” well spent. After all we love food, how it tastes, smells and feels in our stomachs. It certainly dominates our life sometimes to the point of strangling out other thoughts and emotions. Our obsession with food also steals away precious time that we could be spending on something else. Something, dare I say it, more important than eating.

Realizing we are Time Limited means understanding we are temporary. I was reminded of this in a big way the last few weeks. It made me glad to know that I was no longer totally consumed with food. I was able to take some personal solace in the fact that I had decided to do something (as small as it is) to make my time seem more worthwhile to me. It didn’t change the fact that I am only here on Earth for a short while.

It just made my time here more meaningful to me. We might not all go out with great eulogies and monuments to our accomplishments while here on earth but we can , at least, take the limited time we have and use it wisely.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 145 Weight 182 lbs Lost 2 lbs (7 to go) Success Never Gets Old (Paid my DEWS – Yes)


FatMan here. I am still losing weight multiple pounds at a time! Imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale this morning and it said I had lost 2 more pounds. Don’t get me wrong, I have been following a very tight caloric intake level and also exercising regularly so I do expect to lose weight, just not 2 or more pounds at a time. Maybe a pound every other day, but 2 and 3 pounds at a time. WOW! That is results, especially after almost 5 months into my weight management program. Plus you just never know what that scale is going to say when you get on for your daily “reading”. The scales are the “final say” on your results. They may not be able to tell how your PROGRESS is going but they do a great job of displaying RESULTS. If you do not weight first thing every day (with the exact same thing on) you don’t get the feedback that is necessary to help you calibrate your weight loss approach. Even if you know that the news will probably be bad, it is much better to know after only 1 days damage than to let it fester for 2, 3 or more days. By then you may have mentally given up anyway. For me giving up would be a pretty silly thing to do now. In fact, it would probably be harder for me to give up now than to continue.

And that’s just the way you want it.

As the pounds fall off I see a new FatMan appearing. Almost every new week brings a new weight low and it gives me confidence. It makes me feel good. I now enjoy how I look. One ironic thing is that most of my Fat Friends no longer compliment me on my appearance and weight loss success. They are past the “great job” and now are pretty much just jealous. They wouldn’t tell you that, but it is pretty obvious. That is why you need to look INSIDE for your motivation and your success rewards. One of the most enjoyable nights I have ever had was one where I sat outside and looked up into the heavens watching the clouds go by and the stars way up in the sky. I didn’t say much, I wasn’t watching any TV or reading a book but I was very content. It is times like that when you realize that success never gets old.

The best part of my journey is that it’s not over. Imagine that, a FatMan that is enjoying losing weight. Maybe I should go see a doctor. I must be crazy right.

Or maybe I should spread the word: the one that says you can lose weight if you want to. The one that says the process of acheiving your weight loss goal can make you a better person inside and out.

The one that says Success Never Gets Old.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 144 Weight 184 lbs Lost 0 lb (9 to go) D-Day (Paid my DEWS – Yes)


FatMan here. Anyone out there who is seriously considering undertaking the daunting personal challenge of losing their excess fat needs to perform a basic thinking shift. Instead of hoping you will make it you need to take the bull by the horns (so to speak) and get aggressive. You are literally going to battle with your own body when you start your diet. It is your D-Day, (Diet Day) and it can mirror the real D-Day from over 63 years ago.

For those of you that don’t know about D-Day here is a quick D-DAY DEFINITION. D-Day was the all out assault that the Allies started in their quest to win World War II. You can learn a lot by studying some of the basics here. For your D-Day you will should perform the same preparations steps that the Allies did prior to their invasion of Normandy beach. The basic underlying theme concepts here are (in no particular order) preparation, perspiration, commitment, planning and execution. Let’s look at each one a little closer.

  • preparation – For D-Day you need to make sure that you have the basics. This involves deciding how much you will lose (not how much you want to) and when you want to get it done. This sets the clock ticking and deadlines just magically help make things happen to dedicated people. You also need to get your health checked out to make sure going on a diet will not harm you physically. If you are a diabetic or suffer from some other potentially crippling disease you should ask your doctor for a diet to follow. It would probably help to also pick up a good motivational story of someone who has overcome long odds to succeed. Inspiration will lead to exercise perspiration.
  • perspiration – This is one of my “Pay Your DEWS” program planks. You need to get moving for two simple reasons.
  1. First it will help you lose weight. Consistent exercise will translate into more calories burned and this, in turn, will translate into pounds lost. It is a pretty simple concept
  2. Secondly, it will improve your health over the long term. Exercising your cardiovascular system (lungs, breathing etc) will help you build endurance and get your blood flowing . This increases the transport of oxygen to your body and also stimulates the other systems in your body that have been dormant. Exercising with weight resistance will build muscular strength. This is something all of us that are over 40 NEED TO DO to keep our lean muscle mass, but building muscle is also good for not only how your body LOOKS but also muscle tissue burns more calories than fat tissue does. So as you build your muscles you are also ramping up your metabolism. Exercise is good stuff. Diets that say don’t worry no exercise required are bad news imho.
  • planning – the Allies did a TREMENDOUS amount of planning before they started operation D-Day. They looked at all the angles so that when they made their decisions they were confident that they made the best ones possible. When you have thousands of peoples lives on the line planning is critical. Likewise planning is critical for your D-Day. Deciding you are going to lose 25, 40, or 50+ pounds is a serious undertaking. You need to take the time to really think it out. At the very least sit down at your desk or kitchen table (when you have some time alone) and put down the plusses and minues of losing weight. Also, put down the challenges that you will face especially the ones that have caused you to fail in the past. Now take a good hard look at your list. If you decide that the positives of losing your excess fat far outweigh the negatives then write down;

I will LOSE (# of excess fat pounds) pounds by (finish date) .

Now look at your challenges. These are keeping you from your goal. Take the time to research each one on the web and come up with a strategy (or 3) to combat each challenge. Believe me, as many people as have battled their own food addictions there are PLENTY of strategies for you to deal with EACH and ANY challenge that you may have. Now you should be more prepared for your weight loss journey. Why would you want 3? In case the first 2 don’t work for you. Remember you are committed to seeing this through to completion.

  • commitment/execution – these can be lumped together because to me they go hand in hand. Commitment is very KEY to your success. When the going gets tough (and it will) you need to lean on your commitment to keep pushing through. The Allies on D-Day felt if they failed the World that they knew and loved would cease to exist. That is a pretty powerful commitment. One that compelled millions of Allied soldiers to sacrifice their lives to save. Finding your own personal D-Day commitment reason will keep you on track. This may be the most important thing you do before starting your diet. When you succeed in finding the right commitment reason(s) your weight loss program strategy will literally fall in place. The question of “WHY” you are doing this is answered, the amount of weight you are losing is answered, when you will lose it by is answered and what you will do when you encounter challenges is answered. The last step is just to do it daily and monitor your progress to confirm positive results.

All these steps are detailed for my members. If you do the above you will reach your goal. If you need any help getting there, I have it ready and waiting. D-Day is available for any of us Fat People.

God Bless us Fat People,


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