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Day 122 Weight 190 lbs Lost 0 lb (15 to go) Sunday A Day of R&R (Paid my DEWS – NO)


FatMan here. So today was a real change for me. I “regressed” away from my diet. Far far away. First I ate a steak. I had a few of my wife’s french fries. They were pretty good. I even took a few bites of her famous “butter bread”. I had mushrooms smothered on my steak that were cooked in butter (actually margarine). After lunch my wife cooked a sweet potato pie. I had a nice slice of pie with whipped cream on top. It tasted pretty good as well. To finish off my decadent anti-diet day I ate a bowl of ice cream later that night. I did a little work in the yard but, for the most part, I didn’t work out at all. I didn’t drink a half gallon of water and I didn’t take all of my vitamins.

I did, however, feel a little guilty. I felt like I had almost done something illegal. It sounds strange but I have been modifying my routine consistently for so long that actually eating all of those “evil foods” made me feel strange. I was waiting for my wife to tell me that I was eating too much. But that didn’t happen. And then I realized something. Something BIG. Something I already kind of knew but just needed to have reinforced.

I realized that I AM ALONE IN MY JOURNEY TO LOSE AND MAINTAIN MY WEIGHT AT 175 LBS. My destiny is up to no one but myself. The old saying “If it is to be it is up to me” came to mind. I knew this but had I somehow forgotten it? Self reliance is a basic principal taught early in life, but us humans seem to feel like we are happier if we depend on someone or something else for our happiness. Call it the “human condition” but dependency is a powerful force that needs to be acknowledged and dealt with (if not understood).

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: YOU control your weight, what YOU eat and how much YOU weigh. YOU need to realize YOU are in control of YOURSELF.

What I did today is very dangerous for us food addicts. It is so easy for us to slip right off our fragile diet and right back into our bad habits. One bad food day can kill a weeks worth of dieting and do even more damage to your mental outlook. It was like I was playing Russian Roulette with my weight loss program.

Why did I do it? For two reasons really. One, I needed a break from the very restrictive food program I was on. Your body gets worn down and beat up with all the exercise and needs a rest. It needs a reward. I needed to eat something else. It was time for a food reward but more than that it was time for another test in my evolving battle with my food addiction. I needed to test my resolve and dieting staying power. There is no better way than to give yourself the option of stopping. Only then will you know if you can make it long term. I won’t know until weeks or maybe even months from now.

The second reason I did it was because I am really pretty confident in my ability to lose weight. I have gained a lot of confidence in myself and feel like I can get back on my diet tomorrow. I know that I will probably have gained some weight. It seems like all I have to do these days is eat ANYTHING and I can gain a pound or two. That’s OK/. As of tomorrow I will have 57 dyas left to lose anywhere from 15 to 20 pounds. I can do it.

Now I need to decide IF and HOW I can manage my weight AFTER the journey of 80 lbs in 180 days ends. Can I or can’t I. That is the real question.

I guess the “journey” continues.

Is it time for you to start your own journey? You are on a path right now the question is where is it taking you? Are you the one in control or are you just following the path?

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 121 Weight 190 lbs Lost 0 lb (15 to go) Siesta Time (Paid my DEWS – No)


FatMan here. You know I must be really getting somewhat cocky about my ability to lose weight. I ended up losing 5 lbs over the last week. I worked out hard and really didn’t eat very much. I have kind of gotten used to a restrictive diet and the minimal food intake doesn’t really seem to bother me that much. It is not feasible, however, to continue on indefinitely eating such a small total caloric count.

You can end up doing more harm to your body than good. I sit here at 190 15 pounds away from my goal. It is time for me to take a “diet siesta”. I have earned it. This weekend I am going to eat some more food and even indulge in some of my “evil foods”. The ones I have been avoiding for the last 121 days or so. Like maybe some Ice Cream, or some Cheesecake. Or something else really decadent. I have “earned the right” to veer off course some.

Now I know that this strategy is dangerous. I will probably gain 3-5 pounds back. I could even fall right off my diet altogether and go on a crazy week long eating binge. Or I could start the process of learning how to introduce evil foods back into my diet without having them consume my life. Learning how to “manage” food and eating in such a way that I will not have to constantly avoid all things that might make me gain weight. After all, in the end, we all need to learn how to FACE OUR FEARS.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Don’t fear FOOD. Embrace it as a necessity. Food is purely body fuel, not your friend, not your security blanket, and not your enemy.

Being a food addict is a continuous balancing act. To be successful at long term weight control you need to, at some point, learn how to control your portions. It is not the best solution to limit yourself to avoiding certain foods altogether. If you learn portion control and use it as your eating barometer you can better modulate your calories in. This way you don’t crave any food. You can eat it, you just don’t OVEREAT it.

That is a cornerstone of my long term weight management strategy. Control your portion and don’t just focus on the TYPE of food.

Let’s see how this works. It is a BIG STEP for the FatMan. BTW, this is a temporary experiment. I still have 15 pounds to lose and this will take at least another 45 days of serious weight management focus. I just need a break and I need to think about life “after the diet”.

God Bless us fat People,


Day 120 Weight 190 lbs Lost 0 lb (15 to go) Down to the 15/60 Plan (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here. Are we there yet? I am starting to feel like a kid strapped into a car seat headed on vacation. I want to GET THERE NOW! I want to start enjoying myself. I feel like I am close to something big. In some ways it is kind of a melancholy feeling. It is like losing someone. Being Fat is really its own identity . And with it comes its own strange set of rules. Us Fat People know what humility is. We know how to be humble. We know how to enjoy the good times. We cherish them because they take us away from our daily struggle with our food addiction, if only for a little while. Now that I have lost some weight it feels really strange doing something basic, like say going out to eat. Tonight we are going out to eat at my wifes favorite Mexican restaurant. I don’t need to tell you fat people that I will be entering the “danger zone”. But I really am not so much looking forward to it as I am cautiously thinking about how I can limit the “damage”.

One of the good things about altering how you look at food is that it impacts what when and where you choose to eat. Food slowly turns from your odd couple best friend into a wary adversary. Us Food Addicts know that we are only in control from meal to meal. That may sound strange, but it is true.

How many Fat people do you know that have lost a lot of weight only to put it back on? Probably at least one. Heck I am one. I have lost lots of weight in the past but always seem to put it back on, with a few more lbs for good measure. It is a constant struggle when you are a food addict. There is no way to just go on auto pilot and eat what you want, because one over eating episode EASILY turns into 2 or 3 and then it becomes a evil food orgy. We gobble up everything in our kitchen like we are trying to make up for lost time. There really is no cure for us food addicts other than AWARENESS.

Once you know where you are coming from you can learn how to deal with it. You can learn to incorporate different techniques so that you can live with your food addiction. One of the best ways to deal with a food addiction, once you realize you have one, is to just get some FOCUS. Focus on your weight. Then focus on what you are putting into your body on a daily basis. Then focus on ways to improve your food as well as your overall health. This means you need to also add some type of exercise to your daily routine. Then you need to decide how you are going to keep yourself motivated as you work toward installing the new changes into your daily routine. Guess what this will require? You go it – more FOCUS.

That is where I am. I am focused on staying motivated. I do this by giving myself different goals to shoot for. Different plans to try. Different exercises to challenge myself with. And there is still that pair of pants in my closet that I can’t get into. They are my 175 lb pants. I think they will look in about 15 pounds. Maybe I should just go ahead and institute me a 15 lbs in 60 day plan. I will call it the 15/60 plan.

Sounds good to me.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Don’t be Fat because you don’t see a way out. Be Fat only because you choose to be fat and aren’t ready to get slim YET.

There is always a way out if you are willing to believe.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 119 Weight 190 lbs Lost 1 lb (15 to go) 17 Down 8 To Go (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here. And another week slides into the books. That makes 17 for any of you mathematicians out there. Here are the rest of the stats:

Weight Loss: 255 to 190 (65 pounds)

Time elapsed 119 Days (17 weeks)

Average Weight Lost Per Week: 3.83 pounds

Average Weight lost Per Month (4 Week Period): 15.32 pounds

Number of Gallons of Water Consumed: 68 (give or take a few)

Total Number of Inches Lost (so far): 43.75 total inches

Total Inches Lost on Waist: 13 (so far)

Total Inches Lost on Hip: 8.25 (so far)

Total Inches Lost on Butt: 6 (so far)

The FatMan Slides Into Size 36 Waist Painter Pants!

So those are the facts. I am a Melting FatMan. So far so good, but the job is NOT FINISHED. I still have 15 pounds of fat to lose to get down to my ideal BMI of 24.4. As of now I am still “overweight” with a BMI of 26.53. Oh well the good news is that I still have another 8 weeks to go. If I stay on my current weight loss path I will end up at 159 pounds. Wow that is almost 100 pounds from my beginning weight of 255 pounds.

BTW, in case you are wondering: I FEEL GREAT, FANTASTIC, SUPERB. Come on GET THE FEELING. It is a natural high and better than anything you will find in a bottle.

I can’t see myself that thin. My wife is already telling me that I need to stop and that I have reached a “good” weight. But we will carry on. Me and YOU?

Hey look, I seem to be doing OK the question is how can I help you? Let me know. From one Fat person to another you need to check this out.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 118 Weight 191 lbs Lost 1 lb (16 to go) Who Do You Love? (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here. Well there is a simple question. The answer may not be so easy for you because the REAL answer to this question will give a lot of in site into your personal motivation. It may be easy to say I love my momma or my pops or my son or daughter or wife but that may not be true really deep down. Lots of people will say that they love themselves. That is probably not true of us Fat People, just because of the way we fell about our looks. Do you see where I am going with this?

Most of us fat people decide one day to lose weight. We look in the mirror and for whatever reason we decide that today is the day. No longer will I be a Fatty, today I make a change for myself. To better my looks and also how I feel. To be more healthy, to eat right and exercise and to do whatever is necessary to conquer my weight problem.

Does that sound familiar? I know it does, I have said it at least a dozen times in my life myself. Let’s continue. So you go on your diet and for a while it goes great. You lose some weight and some of your friends notice. They tell you you look good and to keep it up. You feel really good about your progress. Everything is going along great and then WHAM MO, you are done. For whatever reason you decide one day to go eat some of your favorite evil food (cheeseburger, cheesecake, twinkies, ice cream, etc, etc) and before you know it you are back where you started weight wise. What’s more you have just reinforced the idea that you will NEVER be able to lose weight and will always be fat. Now not only are you back where you started you also feel bad about it since you “failed”.

What happened?

It goes right back to the question above. Who do you love? Take a few minutes and really think about that and then finish reading this.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>






I mean it, go think about it and come back with the real answer.

Who is the one person that you just cannot live without? Who does your world center around? Who makes everything wrong in your life OK? I don’t care if it is your DOG or CAT or your CAR!!! What is that you live for? This is the love of your life. Figure it out? Now you know what went wrong with your last diet. Now you can start a new diet and succeed. Now you have a viable reason to stay on your diet.

How does this matter at all? That is the real power of your mind and your emotions. Learn to harness them and nothing will stop you in life. It certainly will not stop you from being as thin as you want. I show all of my members how to do this and more. It may sound strange but it gets and keeps you motivated and that is what counts on a diet. Here is some more “how to”.

If you decide to try again and do it on your own follow this simple rule. Look deep inside and find out who/what you love the most. Then lose weight for them/that. When you feel that unbelievable URKLE ( hunger pain ) bubbling inside you think about two things:

  • how good you will feel and look when you get to your weight
  • the person you are doing it for

Then go drink a big glass of water and jog around the block.

It is that simple and that hard.

If you want to further improve your chance of permanent weight loss success come see me at

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 117 Weight 192 lbs Lost 1 lb (17 to go) 2 Simple Weight Loss Tips (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here. I hope you are doing well, slimming down and feeling as good as you are starting to look. Sometimes I think that people tend to over analyze and over complicate things. I know that I do. We dismiss the really solution because we think “it can’t be that easy, can it?” . So instead we become victims of “analysis paralysis” and end of deciding not to do ANYTHING until we figure it out. Sound familiar? I know that, in the past, that was one of my favorite weight loss avoidance techniques. You need to apply the KISS method wherever possible. (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID ) Simple = easy and easy equals something your mind will more easily buy into doing.

I think that there are a bunch of diets, and exercise methods that will get you to where you want to go weight wise. In fact, I think that most all of them will work if you stick to them long enough. There is no one best method when it comes to weight loss. There are however a few simple rules that, if followed, will make it much easier to keep you on track. Here is a few of the best ones I have found and use daily.

  1. “The kitchen is closed”- Close your kitchen at 7PM. With no exceptions do not eat after 7PM, not a “snack”, piece of fruit, or crumb you find on the floor. This keeps you from snacking late at night and prepares you to go to bed without your body digesting a lot of food. This will help you in several ways. One you will give your body a chance to lose weight while you sleep instead of spending all night digesting a bid wad of food you left in your gut. Two, when you wake up you will not feel as sluggish as when you do after going to sleep on a full stomach. Three you will find that, after a week or so, you do not crave snacks as much. Four, your grocery bill will go down. Nothing like a little extra money in your pocket. It might buy you a gallon of gas. If you get really hungry after 7PM (which might just be the case on your first night) then proceed directly to step 2 below.
  2. Go drink a big glass of water. Drink water during the day. If possible replace your diet soda (for sure your regular soda) consumption with water. It is much better for you and will help your weight management program in several days. One you are putting something in your body that it needs to survive and thrive. You can’t go wrong drinking water. I did hear of a girl that died from a water drinking contest but that is rare stuff. Two water is easily found ANYWHERE. You never have to worry about whether or not you will be able to get it at a restaurant or while traveling. You may have to PAY for it these days, but at least you can find it. Three it is a great substitute for food. When you get the URKLES (food urges) go drink a glass of water instead. Once you get used to doing this it will GREATLY enhance your weight loss program. If you have a severe URKLE then try and couple a drink of water will an immediate change in your behavior. In other words do something else after you drink the water. If you are watching TV then try a video game. Exercise is even better. Go for a walk or a jog. Go visit a friend. Do something to change your immediate thoughts and your current activity and you will find that you can most often avoid having to go and gobble down some evil foods.

So there you go, 2 really simple ways to kick start anyone looking to lose some extra weight. I know people that have lost weight by just cutting out drinking “regular” sugar filled sodas. 20+ lbs! Now those are the lucky fat people, the ones that can metabolize their fat off without any exercise.

For the rest of us, we have a little more work to do.

Come see me at

God Bless us fat People,


Day 116 Weight 193 lbs Lost 0 lbs (18 to go) Combating Diet Boredom (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here again. I have been here now for 116 straight days. After someone does ANYTHING 116 times you can run the very real risk of boredom. It is the same issue that you have with your diet. How do you stay motivated and on track?

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: The better your “WHY” the easier it is to succeed

Your why is huge in anything that you choose to do. Suffice to say it is HUGE in your weight loss program. If you want the “details” join up and learn just how important “WHY” is from the FatMan.

Each of us has some built in motivation for doing what we do. When times get tough, or just painfully repetitive, your motivation is what drives you to continue on. Whether you do it out of a sense of pride, or personal commitment or as a favor to someone else (like a promise made) you think about your motivation before you spring into action. This is because each time you get ready to do something you need to tell your mind to get your body in motion to accomplish the task at hand. And of course your mind, being the overall manager of your movements, wants to know the reason. After this is supplied the mind quickly internally “debates” it and, after comparing it to your mentally internalized priority list, decides if a challenge is warranted. If so then procrastination may be just around the corner for you.

Your challenge is to internally set your diet goals very high on your “to do ” list. So high that your mind won’t challenge you every time you tell it “let’s go workout” or “it’s 7PM the kitchen is closed”. I spend a lot of time on this with my “pay your DEWS” diet plan. I really think that losing weight is 90% why and 10% how. To me it is pretty obvious.

It is obvious because even though every fat person knows how to lose weight (reduce food intake and exercise) we have a situation in America where 2/3’s of us are overweight. Here is a great pdf brochure that you paid for with your tax dollars that explains EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about our problem, what it is, who it affects and how to “treat” our food addictions. We all know how to lose weight but we are still fat. Something else that I find really ironic is that when a fellow fat person sees you have lost weight what do they ALWAYS say?

How did you do it?

It is like they there is some “new” discovery that you have found that allowed you to magically shed some of your excess fat. Maybe that is because of all the “magic pills” that people are selling today, but you always get that question. Once you respond with the basic obvious well known time tested method of ” I ate less and started to exercise daily” our fellow fat people give us a grudging head nod and move the conversation along. They were HOPING that you had some magic, something NEW that would give them renewed hope that they too could lose weight.

That fat person is EXACTLY where I was 116 days ago. Looking for something EXTERNAL to find as an inspiration source to fuel their own weight loss motivation.


FatMan Knowledge Nugget: A sure fire way for us Fat People to find our “internal” diet inspiration is to go and take a good long look at yourself in the mirror

We all have hopes dreams and wishes. Most of us Fat People really do want to lose weight. We just need to learn to recode these hopes and dreams into internalized and prioritized mental “to do lists”. Then we can achieve weight control success and learn to MANAGE our food addictions.

Let’s see if you can act on this first step toward recoding your thoughts into action. Come see me now at

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 115 Weight 193 lbs Lost 2 lbs (18 to go) Learn to find Mo (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here. What is Mo? Who is Mo? Let me digress. Yesterday I was watching a LOT of College Football (probably like a lot of you males out there). I found the announcers constantly referring to Mo. Who is Mo? Mo (better known as momentum) is the magic emotional elixer that seems to dictate which team holds an “edge” at any given moment over the other team. Mo, when distilled down to its bare essence is motivation applied energetically and mixed with a healthy dose of self belief to top it off.

Then it hit me. I had found Mo this week. I had captured Mo on the last few days of my weight loss journey. Having Mo really changed my dieting outlook. I have become very motivated and energetic. I believe that my success is only a matter of time. I don’t mind getting up and dieting! Not the food intake reductions, not the more and more difficult exercises and workouts I am putting my body through, not the gallons of water I drink each week and not even the voluminous vitamin pills I swallow every day.

I have gotten past them being necessary and now find them strangely “enjoyable”. Why is this? Because I have been able to create a sense of personal diet “momentum”. I look forward to hopping on the scales each day. Today, to my surprise, I was down to 193 pounds. Hoorah! That doesn’t hurt momentum. I look forward to challenging myself with a new workout. Either a new different one or a longer version of one I have been doing.

Being human and emotional beings we are all subject to momentum swings. You just can’t keep Mo on your side forever. It is the first law of Mo. So when you see yourself in a positive mindset do yourself a real favor. Take a minute or two to think about how you got in that mindset. It will tell you a lot about what pushes your momentum button. If procrastination is our enemy then Mo is certainly our friend. We want him on our side every day we set out on our weight loss journey.
FatMan Knowledge Nugget: The more you know about what motivates you to get up and go do something the less you will procrastinate.

We all have our little mental demons that we need to control as we move forward in our quests to lose excess fat. At one point all of us fat people have just physically surrendered and said, “what the heck I am just going to be fat the rest of my life“. You know how pathetic a feeling that is, and we have all beaten ourselves up for it mentally. Then, to top it off, if you don’t make yourself feel bad enough then there are the daily reminders we get from the rest of the world: those public comments, looks or (behind the back) snickers that reinforces our fat predicament. You are in a rut that just keeps getting bigger. Before long it becomes a hole you cannot climb out of. You actually start to think that food is your friend. Guess what? You got old Mo working AGAINST you.

Now that you know about Mo learn to harness Mo for your benefit. Now when you get some positive vibes going work hard to keep them going. Mo is there for you and if you use him wisely it will help you melt some more fat off.

Don’t let Mo be a stranger. Don’t you be a stranger either. Get help if you need it. Come see me at

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 114 Weight 195 lbs Lost 0 lb (20 to go) Tunnel Vision (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here. I hope that you are in the process of either losing your excess weight or have made the decision to lose it. I my case 114 days ago I decided to lose 80 lbs in 180 days, or at least that was my goal. Now here I am 20 pounds away and feeling really good about my decision. It has not been without some ups and downs but overall it has been a very positive experience for me. I find myself focused more on exercise now than food, which is a major switch from a few months ago. Before I started my diet, one of my life’s major daily decisions was what I was going to eat for lunch and dinner. Now I think about new exercise methods to try and how they might help my journey. I lead a pretty simple life, so I think a lot about where I am and where I am headed. The future looks bright from here.

I thought today about how focused I have become. I wonder if it is just one of my personality traits or if everyone gets this kind of self centered orientation during the final stages of achieving a worthwhile goal. I titled this entry “Tunnel Vision” and it tells the tale for me. Not only am I focused on my goal I am also now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As corny as it sounds I can see the end of the line. It seems so surreal that the scale I step on each day once registered 255 pounds. Now almost every day my weight shrinks and with it my confidence grows. I have found a “weight loss groove” that is working well. I can see the results almost daily. It is intoxicating to be able to manipulate your body’s physical appearance in such a positive way. It is actually true that you can “sculpt” your body. I always thought that sounded so stupid but now I am into it. I can almost understand why body builders will succumb to steroid use to help them gain new levels of muscle tone. The more you get closer to what you perceive is your ideal weight the more fun it is to “enjoy” your new appearance.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: No matter how good you may look when you lose weight always remember you are still a food addict at heart.

I notice that my personality seems more laid back as well. I don’t seem as sensitive to comments that before I might take offense to. It is more of a “don’t worry be happy” type approach. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get angry, my wife will tell you I can still be a real blockhead.

There a lot of positives, but also some negatives to discuss. For one, my breath is really stinky. Most people will tell you that this is a by product of your body breaking down the excess fat tissue, but it smells. I need to remember to take chewing gum with me where ever I go or else I feel insecure talking to people up close and personal. Another thing is that my hair seems to be coming out at a faster rate than usual. Now, I would attribute this to personal paranoia but this is coming directly from the foremost authority on these things, my wife. Of course my brother has been bald for some 30+ years so I always kind of felt like I was living on borrowed time. I guess everything has its price. I can always join the “hair club” anyway, right? Lastly, the skin around my neck is becoming saggier and saggier. I guess I will have the same “turkey gobbler” neck that my granddad and dad did. When I was really fat my skin was so stretched that you couldn’t really tell.

Funny thing is that I don’t really see those as real issues. That is one of the nice by products of “tunnel vision”. I am focused on my goal of 175 pounds.

How’s your vision these days? Need a fresh outlook on life? Come see the FatMan.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 113 Weight 195 lbs Lost 1 lb (20 to go) “Breaking Through Mentally” (Paid my DEWS – yes)


FatMan here. It is now the start of week 17. 67 days to go. I have something very important to discuss today. I have “Broken Through” mentally. That means that I no longer look at my weight loss journey as some “Can I Do It” challenge. I now feel like it is just a matter of time. And that on 11/27/2007 I will stand on the scales and be 175 pounds. The changes in my attitude are real and something that I can feel. Do I have aches and pains? Sure. Do I have times when I want to go and eat a big piece of Turtle Cheesecake? (Turtle Cheesecake is one of my favorite “evil foods”) Sure. But now, for me, there is a big, big difference about how I approach my weight loss program.

You know that doubt seed? The one that is buried within you and pops up from time to time to question whether you can do it? The one that will also tell you it is easier just to quit. The one that tries to convince you that no one will really care if you fail or that no one will notice. I have finally taken the hammer out and smashed that doubt seed to bits. It is gone now as far as me losing 80 pounds in 180 days. Barring a catastrophic event I will achieve my quest to lose 80 pounds in 180 days. Knowing and being 100% positive that I will make it even though I am 20 pounds away is very empowering. It is one of the best feelings I have experienced in a long time. It is like being on your bicycle and having climbed to the top of a large mountain. Now that you are at the top you feel tired but, at the same time, captivated by the view. You also know that from here on your journey is all “down hill”. There may be a few bumps to navigate around but you are headed down to the finish line and the ride will be smoother and easier. From your vantage at the top you can see for miles, and the view is incredible. You can see things that you never have before and you realize just how lucky you are to be here now.

This is the first time I really feel that I am on the “last leg” of my journey. It is a cool feeling. I would love for EVERY FAT PERSON LIKE ME TO EXPERIENCE THIS FEELING. You really owe it to yourself, and your body, and your family.

Let’s get you started. Come see me at

God Bless us Fat People,


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