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Day 92 Weight 205 lbs Lost 1 lb (30 to go) The BIG 50!


FatMan here. Week 14 starts off with a milestone. I have now lost 50 pounds. That is good but not great. I still need to lose another 30 pounds in less than 3 months. This is going to be a fun challenge. I am starting to get more motivated as I see the finish line looming down the road.

There is something magic about staring down a deadline and maneuvering to get in position to meet it. A deadline will naturally bring out more focus, especially if you are dedicated to making it happen. You can develop a sort of tunnel vision where your attitude becomes one of “whatever it takes” instead of “Oh woe is me”.

I find it strange that as I write this I am not overly excited about reaching a goal of such magnitude (losing 50 pounds). I guess part of it is that I have now realized that it would be VERY EASY for me to GAIN back 50 pounds and more if I did not continue on down to 175 pounds. I am after all a “Food Addict”. The other component that is happening to me is that now I EXPECT to lose weight. I am COMMITTED to my plan and willing to do what is necessary (within reason of course) to see it through to a successful conclusion.

These are very valuable personality traits that can pay big dividends in any venture you choose. The great thing about deciding to undertake a personal journey like this is that you learn a WHOLE LOT ABOUT YOURSELF. Maybe more than you have learned ever. Maybe more than you wanted to ;). To me that is one of the best parts of life in general and something that frankly, I had forgotten. Learning and growing and moving forward. I think it really is true that if you become satisfied with where you are in life you will stagnate and wither. The world around us is always moving and changing. You either adapt and improvise of just tag along for the ride. Think about it in these terms. If you don’t use a muscle it will atrophy (get weaker). It is the same way with everything in life.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Use what you learn and never be shy about asking questions. Remember no one had the answer to ANY question about ANY topic until they either read about it, someone else told them or they figured it out on their own.

The cool thing is that you have the ability to alter what you do with your life. You can choose how you look, and what you eat. You always have the ability to change, it is NEVER too late.

Thank God for that. Take a good look in the mirror and let me know if you are smiling or frowning. If you are not happy, you do have a choice.

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God Bless us Fat People,


Day 91 Weight 206 lbs Lost 1 lb (31 to go) Deadline Reality Sets In


FatMan here. How are you today? Feeling good and “thinner” or fat, slow, and sluggish? Some things in life you actually have control over. Being overweight is one of them. Do yourself a BIG favor. Get started losing weight and feeling better today. Now for me. I am starting to really focus on my time deadline for getting to 175 pounds. I am in the home stretch. I need to average a weight loss of 10 pounds a month. I want you to know that I think putting a time limit on my weight loss goal is a great motivator for me. I honestly don’t know if I would be able to lose the weight without it. I guess it actually remains to be seen whether I can do it or not. (at least in your mind). If you are putting together your own diet plan a time limit can be a great motivator for some people.

It can also kill your diet. So you will need to determine what kind of personality you have before you decide if it is a good choice for you. Do you respond well to deadlines or do you panic? The worst thing you could do is freak out about your diet deadline and decide it’s “no use” to continue and that you are “doomed to failure”. This thinking usually leads to massive eating and weight gain. We really need to understand ourselves as we undertake our weight loss and resulting routine changes. If you work well under pressure and are motivated by the weight of a deadline then by all means use one. It really helps to keep me on track.

Initially you will be a very fragile soul. You have basically determined that you have lost control over your physical appearance and need to change. You have also decided to do something different which adds some level of apprehension to your mental makeup. Here is where you need to trust someone other than yourself. Trust that if you follow the program you will get good results. And trust that all things worthwhile take time and are not easily done.

The fact that they are not easy is ironically what makes them worthwhile and cherished by us humans. We all know how to do the easy things. We all know the short cuts. We all look for them in everything we do. It is natural. You are actually taking a shortcut by reading this and joining up with me at You get the benefit of a guy that is actually CURRENTLY undergoing a personal transformation. You can “tag along” and benefit from my experiences and the knowledge I have accumulated. You also get to avoid the “mistakes” I have made.

If you don’t have a deadline for losing weight and haven’t decided to “go for it” and reshape your body here is a thought. Combat your procrastination. Go to your white board or somewhere that you will see everyday and write down the following on a piece of paper. PUT IT WHERE YOU WILL SEE IT EVERYDAY. You can put it somewhere others WON”T see it, but make sure you will see it everyday. I don’t care if that is your underwear drawer just make sure you see it at least once everyday.


Give yourself a few days to think about it. I suggest you make the date a Thursday.  This way you will not have the built in excuse of ” I will start after the weekend”. (It is tough putting one over on a fellow fatty). Now everyday you will see the challenge. I want you to think about it. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. After a few days of really thinking about it you should be ready. If you are not go eat a big juicy cheeseburger and tell me how you feel 30 minutes later. Let me guess: Fat and Tired. You are not alone.

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God Bless us Fat People.


Day 90 Weight 207 lbs Lost 1 lb (32 to go) Half Way More or Less


FatMan here. Well here we are at the half way point and I have lost 48 of 80 pounds. I guess you could say I am ahead of schedule. At this point I would like to take a minute for some reflection and make a few observations. So far my journey has had its ups and downs both physically and emotionally. No matter what anyone says it is not EASY to lose a lot of weight. The method to lose weight is SIMPLE but the changes in your routine that you must make are just that changes. No one likes change even if it is for your betterment. The good news is that if I can do it anyone can. I am a real live food addict. I love food, so if I can change so can you. I have even paved the way, so to speak, by keeping this journal, starting a website, and offering you a daily weight loss partner.

The hardest part of losing weight is making the personal commitment to yourself to do it. I was thinking today that you “get what you ask for”. I think that is very true. I noticed that by eating less I am hungry less. Am being hungry is not such a tremendous deal as I remember it a few months ago. I even think that the hunger is different than when you are really fat and bloated, it is not as intense now. I am not saying hunger is all in your mind, but somehow it is more manageable now.

If you are fat and tired and you are out there wondering if you can lose weight guess what – let me tell you YES YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT. If you really want to. Because you can’t fool yourself. You may be able to “talk a good game” but when you hop on the scale the truth comes out. We all want to look good and be rich and happy but most of us aren’t. Why is that?

I think it is because we don’t want to pay the price for the results we want.

I decided 90 days ago to pay my own personal price for 180 days and lose 80 pounds. I know that it is going to change my life.

How’s your life?

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God Bless usFat People,


Day 89 Weight 208 lbs Gained 2 lbs (33 to go) Us Fat People Eat Too Much


FatMan here. Well I wanted to stabilize my weight this week. Instead I have gone and gained 2 pounds. Some people would be distraught over this but I see it another way. Too me it just reinforces how easy it is for me to gain weight. I need to CONSTANTLY monitor my food intake and focus on my weight. Once I get down to 175 and stabilize there I can eat more normally, but during this weight loss period any major food intake will result in me gaining weight back. My body is really wanting me to feed it “massive amounts” of food. My goal is to eat less, exercise more and lose some “mo weight”. I have 33 pounds to go still and it’s not time to ease off yet.

The weight gain does bring up a good basic point. That is that us Fat People just plain eat too much. Food is way too important in our lives. Lots of times we eat when we are not even hungry, we are just grazing like a herd of cows out on a hay field. It seems strange to just continue to do something that you know is detrimental to your health, especially when the negative effects of being fat are so OBVIOUS.

Why do us Fat People get so fat?

Do we enjoy eating food? I think that is part of it. I can honestly say that I love food (except liver). I like the way it tastes and I have no problem overeating. In fact, I can eat until I am stuffed and actually uncomfortable physically and then only 30 minutes later be back in the kitchen to “polish off” the rest of that food. That is a sickness eating until it hurts.

Do we use food as a crutch? I think so. If you enjoy something then it gives you pleasure. When you are feeling down or depressed you naturally will turn to something that you think will make you feel better. In a food addicts case this is food, and usually lots of it. The delicious taste of food seems to soothe our hurt feelings. But it comes with a cost. You feel guilty later. At least until you program your mind to convince yourself that you are not “that fat”.

Does any of this sound familiar? I have lived it and it is a bad bad funk to get in. The strange thing is that the more your eat the more often you are hungry and the more you want to eat. You can end up basically just focused on food and either planning or eating your meals and snacks all day long.

Us Fat People feel like we are so fat what’s the use of even trying. If you are really a food addict you have tried multiple times to lose weight. Eventually you always gain it back (with a little extra). It really is just not fair. If only you had a way to lose weight. A plan that isn’t BS but rather common sense. One that anyone could follow, without the hype and one that doesn’t cost your right arm. If only you could find someone that really cares about YOU losing weight.


God Bless us Fat People,


Day 88 Weight 206 lbs Lost 0 lb (31 to go) A Routine Deadline


FatMan here. You know by now that I am on a path to lose 80 pounds in 180 days. It has not been easy but it has been very very rewarding. I have learned and continue to learn a lot about my body and my mind and the way they work. This blog is my attempt to transfer to you what I think will help you in your struggle to combat your own food addiction. I have given myself a deadline to make things interesting and also to help drive me to complete the goal in a reasonable? time frame.

Anytime you establish a goal for yourself you should also put a deadline or time limit on it. This will establish an ending point or finish line. You can then focus on developing a plan to help you meet your self imposed deadline. Everyone needs a plan or map to get where they are going. No wondering aimlessly here. Once you have your initial plan you can start the process of attaining your goal. If you are consistent in your actions toward achieving your goal you will fall into a routine. A consistent routine is VERY important to help you realize your goal. Everyone knows that people are creatures of habit. We are driven by our habits and routines. When you go to change these habits/routines it is natural to encounter some obstacles.

The obstacles may be as easy as waking up 30 minutes earlier each day to give you time to workout and review your goals. Or it may be more difficult and involve asking your boss to modify your work schedule to accommodate your goals. Either way all of us will have to modify our current behavior to get the final results that we want. Some people call this a “sacrifice”. I call it personal improvement progress. If you are as scared of change as most people I know this will be difficult.

Difficult but not impossible. So how do you change your routine? Two tips here should help you. First write down your goals and your plans to achieve them and then review them daily. This is a very important step. It “sets the stage ” for your success. Secondly, ease into your routine changes. We all live in a fast food mentality environment and, as a result, we all want everything NOW. Massive routine changes are VERY hard to maintain. Instead change only one thing to start with and then add another change and another until you have “installed” your new routine. This way you do not feel overwhelmed and quit prematurely out of despair and fear of failure. When I started out all I did the first week was to modify my food intake. I did not attempt to start a vigorous work out schedule as well. Take a long term view. It worked for me

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: If you want to change go ask your mirror for permission

Once you have got your routine deadline established only time stands between you and your “thinness”. Let’s lose some weight today.

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God Bless us Fat People,


Day 87 Weight 206 lbs Lost 0 lb (31 to go) Curing Your Food Addiction


FatMan here. You know I was wondering if I am now cured of my food addiction. I have lost 49 pounds and do feel a lot better. Yeah, OK occasionally I do think about a piece of cheesecake or I do want to go and eat a bowl of ice cream. Does that make me a food addict?

In a word, YES. I think the real danger in losing weight is that you give yourself (us food addicts) a false sense of security. A fatty like me who has lost weight all of a sudden is getting compliments on HOW I LOOK. People even seem more friendly toward me. I know it sounds petty but there are some definite side benefits of getting smaller and losing weight. After a while you even start to think that you will always be thinner. And this is where you enter the danger zone.

All of us Food Addicts need to remember one thing and that is where we came from. As we get thinner we MUST remember being fat and how tough it is on us. How hard it is to lose weight, and what an advantage it is to remain thinner. Otherwise it is much to easy to just slip back into some of your bad habits and slowly but surely regain the weight you have worked so hard to lose. Losing weight is hard but I really think KEEPING the weight off is harder. It takes an ongoing commitment to yourself and those you love to maintain your new lifestyle.

This lifestyle will include some permanent changes in your food intake as well as your daily activity choices. It also means you get to continue to receive those compliments that you have gotten used to. It’s not ALL BAD. As we grow older we learn that most things in life involve compromise. Ask any married couple and they will tell you that one of the most important skills they have learned to maintain a successful long term marriage is COMPROMISE.

Treat your new found appearance the same way. Learn to make smart food compromises and you will stay as thin as you want for as long as you want. That is my goal. To get thin and to stay thin.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 86 Weight 206 lbs Lost 1 lb (31 to go) Make Each Day Count


FatMan here. I have now lost 49 lbs. I don’t really feel 49 lbs lighter but I guess I am. I went and picked up 50 lbs and was shocked at how heavy it felt. It’s no wonder that 86 days ago I was so sluggish, lugging around an extra 49 lbs can get tiring. I was thinking about the next few weeks and it struck me that the most important day for me is TODAY. If I do a good job today then the next few weeks will take care of themselves.

It is odd how different your outlook can become in just a few short months. It seems like I focus on my NEXT weight goal and my NEXT weight achievement and my NEXT blog article when really we all need to focus on today and doing well today. I am even starting to think about what I am going to do NEXT AFTER I finish losing my 80 pounds.

Maybe I should just focus on losing the weight first. The rest will take care of itself.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: If you can focus on today’s problem tomorrows might disappear altogether

Stay focused and make today count as a good “diet day” for you. The more good habits you form the better a person that you become.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 85 Weight 207 lbs Lost 0 lb (32 to go) Continuous Diet Improvement


FatMan here. So you have been on a diet and are seeing some success. You have lost weight and are starting to feel better. Everything seems to be going well but deep inside you are waiting for IT to happen. What is IT? You are waiting for the day that you wake up and cannot stay on your diet. You “try” but to no avail. You go and gobble down lots of evil foods and before you know it you have gained all of your weight back PLUS another 5-10 pounds. That is definitely the nightmare scenario that all us dieters want to avoid. How do can we avoid that? By learning all you can about the science of dieting.

In order to get good at anything you need to become a student of the subject you are studying. Losing weight is no different. You need to take some time to open your mind and learn more about how your body works and why you have stored up so much excess weight. Your weight loss journey will not be complete once you reach your target weight. In fact, we could say that it just really BEGINS there. Because your REAL goal is to keep the weight off that you lose. The more that you learn about food, diets, your body’s metabolism and how to manipulate your own food intake the better you will be equipped to keep your lost weight lost. Otherwise you will find it again. Old fat is like a bad penny it justs keeps showing back up (on you).

So make yourself a simple goal to go and do an internet search on one weight loss topic per week. Then go to three sites listed and read up on your topic. Keep in mind not everything that you read will be accurate, but it will cause you to think. Most people will be trying to sell you something, but there is also a wealth of free knowledge out there in internet land just waiting for you to find it. Use your new found curiosity to go the next step and try out some of the things that you find that sound interesting. Whether it is eating 6 meals a day or a new low carb diet consider your options and try something new. Now please don’t do anything that will endanger yourself, use your God given common sense as a guide. If you have no common sense go ask your best friend what they think before trying something that may sound a little strange. And don’t do anything illegal! Keep an open mind and you will find that there are a lot of ways you can personally impact your own weight struggle.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: No one cares as much about you as you. Continue to improve or you will stagnate.

Take some personal initiative and you will see the results in continued weight loss.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 84 Weight 207 lbs Lost 0 lb (32 to go) Twelve Weeks in the Books


FatMan here. So OK here we are 12 weeks later. TWELVE WEEKS man that is a long time. I think it is time for a recap. On June 1, 2007 I weighed 255 pounds. I was heavier (48 pounds heavier). I was also generally a very sluggish person. I had little energy and mobility. I was your basic FAT and TIRED FatMan. And believe me there is a lot of us out there.

So I decided to take a big personal challenge and see if I could get down to my “ideal body weight of 175 pounds”. This would mean losing 80 pounds. That is a lot of weight. I also decided to make it more interesting by putting a time limit on it. So that is how 80 pounds in 180 days came about. Now here I am closing in on the halfway point of 90 days. I have lost 48 pounds and over 30 inches in total body measurements. If you would like you can monitor my progress on my website weekly by clicking here, or daily through this blog.

When I started out I realized that you can only lose one pound at a time. I have always been pretty good at losing weight, so I thought I could do it but after you start any monumental challenge some doubt will creep in. It is inevitable. You need to learn this and to develop ways to stay on track with your diet goals. The formula for losing weight is really very simple; if you eat less calories than you burn off you will lose weight. The real problems are in trying to break your old entrenched bad habits and to form new better ones. Better LONG TERM habits that can really change your life.

I am still a FatMan. I still have over 30 pounds to lose. I still struggle with my weight. I still love food. I could still fail.

But I won’t. I will succeed because I have a “secret weapon” that keeps me on my weight loss track. It is always there for me. Like most really good things it is simple. In fact, the entire reason I can lose as much weight as I want to is captured in one three letter word used millions and millions of times a day. It is the backbone of the “Pay Your DEWS” system that I have developed and it works. I am walking talking proof.

Don’t delay, check out today. Do as I say and start your meltdown right away.

Two things: that was a tease and I am a really bad rapper. See you soon.

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 83 Weight 207 lbs Lost 1 lb (32 to go) The Ongoing Battle With Urkles


FatMan here. What is an Urkle? It is a “food urge”. A strong (sometimes uncontrollable) urge that all of us Food Addicts get from time to time. How and why we get them is largely a mystery but they do come. Urkles are like a dieters Tsunami. A fast moving unexpected wave of hunger that sweeps over your body. You all of a sudden are consumed with the thought of having to satisfy this incredible food urge . Nothing else seems to matter. Many dieters first impulse is to run to the fridge looking for anything within range to gooble down. It is an ugly site and one that you want to avoid as a dieter.

So what do you do if the big one hits you? Here are a few tips to help you get through the Food Urkle with minimal damage. Keep in mind the best strategy is to totally change your mindset when you feel one coming on. If you can run get a large water and drink it and then go out for a walk or other form of exercise away from nearby food sources.

  • Get on fatmanmelts and talk to someone. There is strength in numbers.
  • Prepare your refrigerator for an Urkle. Put something in there that will satisfy your urge but not wreck your diet progress. Something like a 100 calorie ice cream sandwich or another lower calorie desert or food substitute.
  • Have the food frozen so you will have to spend a few minutes preparing it. During this time think about what you are doing to your diet. This will minimize the effects.
  • Do not binge eat. Only eat 1/2 or 1/3 of the portion. Exercise SOME control. Remember you are not trying to GAIN weight.
  • Force yourself to drink a large glass of water before eating anything. This will help you minimize overeating
  • Add something extra to your workout that day to help compensate. It is just like a scale. If you eat more you need to work it off the same day.

Urkles are costly. They can really wreck your diet progress. They can destroy your mental will to diet, if you let them. It is best to remember that you are on a long term weight management plan. This means that it is a constant education process. You will certainly encounter some bumps in the road. The key is how you respond to your Urkles. If you let them control you then they will keep you from reaching your weight goal.

It you take control and minimize the Urkle (and the damage they cause) then you can realize your goals.

Urkles really are tough to handle, they come out of nowhere and seem to take over your body. Be ready with your “Urkle survival kit”.

God Bless us Fat People,


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