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Day 30 Weight 231 lbs lost 0 lb (56 to go) Off the Grid


FatMan here. I am going off the grid to visit Nana. She is my 86 year old mother. She likes to cook Southern Style. That means Pot Roast, Veggies and plenty of starches. Cookies, cake etc etc. Needless to say when I get there she will have some FOOD waiting on me. I am going to have to eat something but I will try and keep it to a minimum. I will let you know what happens in the next few days. The goal is to limit the damage.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget – When you know that chances are you are going to eat some let’s say “less healthy” food choices limit the damage to one meal.

God Bless us Fat people,


Day 29 Weight 231 lbs lost 0 lb (56 to go) Week 5 start


FatMan here. Boy time flies when you are changing your life! I have been on my diet for 4 weeks now. The results have been solid and I feel good. I try not to think about how much weight I have yet to lose (56 lbs) that just seems like too much. I am actually starting to think that I look OK physically which can be VERY dangerous for a Food Addict. Once you start to think that you have “arrived” you lose your edge and the “treats” that you have been avoiding suddenly seem OK. A little cookie here a little ice cream there and before you know it you are gorging yourself again.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget- The best way to become skinny is to think and act like a skinny person does.

Most “normal” weight people think of food as a necessary function of daily life. They eat and maybe even enjoy the food they eat, but do not constantly dwell on food or have their life revolve around their next meal. Find someone who fits this bill that is a friend of yours and emulate some of their habits. If they have hobbies that interest you start to inquire about them and try them out. You will find that the more outlets you have for activity the easier it is to stop thinking about food.

If all else fails the next time you get a real hunger urge go wash your car, or someone else’s car. It is good exercise bending scrubbing etc and you will get something out of it. Either a shiny car or a thank you from a friend. It is also nice to ride around in a shiny car. It makes you feel good in some weird way, like you are clean too.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget– Think good thoughts and good things happen. Think Thin

I hope your weight loss is going OK, if you need some help come see me.

God Bless Us Fat People


Day 28 Weight 231 lbs lost 0 lb (56 to go) When You Don’t Meet Your Goal


FatMan here. So last week on my website I have mentioned that my weight loss goal for this week was 5 lbs. It turns out I only lost 4 lbs. So on the surface it appears that I didn’t meet my goal. What should I do? Should I panic, give up and go on a 30 day eating binge. Maybe start drinking and go on a 3 day bender? Well those are all real choices. Really bad choices but choices none the less. Probably the more intelligent choice is to put the results from last week into context with my longer term goal.

My goal is to lose 80 lbs in 180 days and to do it as safely as possible. So far after 28 days I have lost 24 pounds. In mathematical terms I am 30% of the way there. At this present rate of weight loss I would reach my goal of 175 lbs in 93 days or a little over 3 months. In realistic terms my weight loss is going to slow down and not be as dramatic as this past month. It makes more sense to me to look at the future in terms of weekly chunks. It gives me a barometer to measure my progress against. With 150 days remaining (rounded down for math sake) I would need to average a weight loss of 1 lb every 2 1/2 days or approx 3 lbs a week. I have been averaging 6 lbs a week weight loss or twice that. This makes it appear a little more doable. There are always two ways to look at any situation and the final outcome is usually heavily influenced by which view you adopt.

There is the “glass is 1/2 empty view”. This is the pessimistic view. If something goes bad or the outcome is not as desired the person typically decides that this is the way “it was meant to be” and gives up or gives in. Most things are taken as they come without much question and they usually feel like they are just “playing with the hand that they were dealt”. Well I guess that is one way to look at life, but it is not my viewpoint.

Then there is the “glass is half full view”. This person looks at possibilities and moves in a path toward the future they want. These people see obstacles as learning experiences and setbacks as opportunities to modify their plan and try a different better path. It is a mindset that helps propel a person through trying times without giving in or giving up. This view is my choice because it offers something much more valuable than the 1/2 empty view. It offers Hope and a reason to go the extra mile and try the new idea and to get back up when you are knocked down.

We all have the capacity to be a glass is half full person. Remember when you were a kid about 10 or 11 months old? Of course you don’t but your parents tell you the story. You were learning to walk. You didn’t know why. Maybe because everyone else was doing it. Maybe because you were tired or crawling around on the floor. Anyway you must have fallen hundreds and hundreds of times learning to walk. Fallen over things, fell down and hit your head and cried and cried and cried. But then you got right back up and tried again. YOU NEVER GAVE UP. And you kept trying until you learned how to walk all by yourself. You had to adapt your technique and do things a little differently but you learned and you did it. And now today you can walk without even thinking about it. That child had a half full view and didn’t even know why. Maybe it was because he/she hadn’t been told they couldn’t do it. Maybe it was because failure was not an option to them. Maybe their brain was initially wired to continue on until the desired result was achieved. I know one thing, their glass was definitely half full. If you’re a half empty person go watch a toddler learning to walk. Maybe they can help you remember what you forgot somewhere along life’s twisting road.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Every one of us at one time had the glass is 1/2 full viewpoint. The key is to either reinforce it daily or rekindle it within you.

Come see me at where the glass is always 1/2 full (at least).

God Bless Us Fat people,


Day 27 Weight 231 lbs lost 1 lb (56 to go) 6 Meals a Day? Are you Insane?


FatMan here. I have heard for a long time from bodybuilders that you can lose weight without losing muscle mass if you eat 6 times a day. Of course you need to eat healthy foods and couple it with an consistent exercise regimen, but the supposition is that your body is constantly digesting food so it raises your metabolism. Your body also does not get the “starvation” signal and retreat into a fat conservation mode. Anyway that is my understanding of the 6 meal theory.

So I thought what the heck. Part of my strategy is to keep my body guessing as to what it is going to get when so how about the 6 meal plan. I might as well try it. I have always been curious about it anyway. So a couple a days a go I started off. It is not too bad. You get lots of food. You are not really hungry because you are eating all the time. In fact I had to remind myself to go eat more than a few times. You seem to lose some weight as I have the past few days so that is good as well. The only real drawback, and the one that I think will keep most people from following this is that it is just a pain to eat 6 times a day. Especially if you are trying to watch what types of food you eat. I can’t see myself telling everybody this is the way to go because we would all be carrying around protein bars or containers with some pre-juiced concoction just to keep up the schedule. And the chances that you will miss at least one meal are pretty high.

To me you need a simple plan that you can stick to everyday. The plan should become second nature after 30 days or so and include the 4 basic planks that I have in my “paying your DEWS” plan. Aside from that I think you are better off if you surround yourself with other motivated people that are in the same boat. It is especially helpful if you can trust that the person you are buddied up with is not going to “fall off the diet wagon” just when you need their help/support.

If you are looking then I hope you find something that works for you. Be safe and do something.

God Bless us fat people,


Day 26 Weight 232 lbs lost 2 lbs (57 to go) Hoo Rah


FatMan here. A Hoo Rah by the way is a cheer. That one in the title was for the 2 lbs I just shed. It is always a good day when you are on a weight reduction diet and you have just lost some weight. It revalidates your methods and recharging your spirits. It makes the work worthwhile. From now on my weight loss will not be as dramatic. At first you have so much fat that your body is tired of storing it and welcomes you coming along and helping it do one of its more repulsive jobs (finding places to store fat). Later on your body thinks you have gone crazy by changing your food intake and trys to “hold on ” to what it’s got.

I read somewhere that one pound of fat is the equivalent of 3500 stored calories. Most people don’t even eat 3500 calories in a day. So if we do the math with a few assumptions we can kind of determine what makes logical sense as far as “healthy” weight reduction goes. Remember now, I am not a Doctor and I am not giving you any kind of medical advice on how to lose weight. If you are considering starting a diet, especially any kind of radical one you should see a Medical Doctor to make sure your body can handle it. Nothing worse that to die trying to look better and feel healthier. It kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it?

Anyway let’s assume that you were eating three meals a day and each meal was 800 calories for 2400 total calories a day. We will round up to 2500 for ease of math. 2500 per day X 7 days a week = 17,500 total calories per week. If the target loss is 1 lb a week then you would need to cut out 500 calories per day (since 500 X 7 = 3500 = 1lb of fat). So that means that if you are eating 2500 a day you need to reduce this to 2000 calories a day. Over a one year time frame you should lose 40 to 50 lbs. That is the turtle approach and for those with the patience it is the best method to use. It has the least side effects on your body and involves less overall behavior modification.

Some of us however find the turtle approach too dang slow. We were brought up in the “have it now” generation where if we can’t get it quick then we don’t want it. I unfortunately am one of the latter group. I have a very hard time sticking to about anything for a year.

So that is way I started I know there is a lot of people that fit into one of the two categories above. If you are the turtle God Bless you and stay the course. You might need some staying power help. If so come see me. If you are the hare type like me you need to see visual results quickly and you need a plan to get you there. The other big problem with weight loss is the feeling that you are alone on an island. That is the another reason I started . I have put myself out there to show people that if I can do it so can you.

We can even do it together. Which ever one you are just stop procrastinating and do something to drop some pounds.

God Bless us fat People,


Day 25 Weight 234 lbs lost 1 lb (59 to go) Re-priming the Pump


FatMan here. Monday oh Monday the start of a new work week. Your mind is racing 1000 miles an hour thinking of all the things that you need to do today at work, with the kids, maybe fix the car, go to the doctor, and on and on and on. The last thing on your mind is losing weight. This of course involves doing what you need to do in order to lose weight. Eating the right things, drinking some water, doing some exercise, and maybe even taking some vitamins. Your focus is elsewhere and your health and body has taken a back seat. There is no need to feel guilty about it. It is a natural reaction to the day ahead.

So in your rush to get ready and get out the door you forget to eat anything or just decide you will get something at one of the 1000’s of tantalizing fast food guys along the way. After you gobble down a greasy biscuit you start to think to yourself: Oh man I should have eaten better for breakfast. Now my “diet” day is ruined. I will just start it up TOMORROW.

Woah there ladies and gentlemen. Let’s rewind and analyze this morning phenomenon. First you get up and your mind is racing with all the things that you need to do today. This isn’t going to change so we can just learn to live with it. What you need to do is to insert EAT BREAKFAST at the TOP of your to do list. Even if you have to get up 15 minutes earlier to do this. Eat a good healthy Breakfast or even drink a meal replacement.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: When you take control of what and when you eat you can begin to lose weight consistently

Now you still have a fighting chance of staying on your diet today and you don’t feel guilty about “blowing it” all day long . No one can put more pressure on you than you yourself, so whenever you can release or diffuse some of your self induced pressure that is a very good thing.

Since we are going to be talking for a long time that is all I have for you today. Start your day off right and you have a great chance to finish right. Think of yourself as your own little “work project” with milestones and deadlines. And make it a top priority if you want to succeed.

Oh yeah, btw I lost a pound for the first time in 5 days. It was bothering me to be stuck on 235 I am not going to lie. I was questioning myself and what was happening. Losing weight is a continual struggle. We all know that. And we all fear that we either can’t lose weight or can’t keep it off.  Even when we are being good and trying hard and doing things the “right way”. The really good news for me is that I am not having the horrible URKLES (food urges) very often. I did change my food intake and started to eat lots of protein and fat. Pretty much any meat I want. I am sure that my body kind of went, “woah what is going on here?” , and that is OK. It is good to keep your body guessing. I also started to eat more food. The thing that hurt me was not being able to exercise like I wanted to. But once I got on the bike and could do some exercise the weight has started to come off again. I still have a lot of fat to lose. If you are in the same boat let’s get together and see if we can bot conquer our food addictions. You know the transition from FatMan to “normal” is not super easy.

God Bless us Fat People


Day 24 Weight 235 lbs lost 0 lb (60 to go) FatMan has an Idea


FatMan here. I hope your day is going great. My outlook got better this afternoon. Remember when I told you a few day ago that I had hurt my leg and couldn’t workout without some pain? Well I decided to try something different today to overcome this “obstacle”. I went and got the old bicycle out of storage and gave it the “mechanics”once over. Pumped up the tires and put some oil on its rusted chain and cables. It looked OK but I wondered how it rode. I must confess I am not much of a bike rider.

So anyway I got on it and started peddling. I was waiting for the pain to start shooting up my leg but… it never came. Alright now! I am back in the workout swing again. I proceeded to ride vigorously for about 20 minutes until my rear started getting sore. I know that tomorrow I will probably feel it but I don’t care. The ironic thing about my leg injury is that it will end up really helping me out in the long run.

Here’s what I mean:

One of my longer term goals is to enter and finish a Triathlon. A Triathlon is a race where you swim, bike , and run all in the same race. It is very strenuous and is only suggested for those of us that are in excellent physical condition. I am not envisioning winning the race, finishing upright would make me happy.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: Do not obsess only on your present situation. Formulate goals that are longer term so that you continue to have reasons to push yourself once you reach your initial goal(s).

Well for me I know that I can handle the running and swimming after I get out there and build my endurance. I used to jog regularly and I was an excellent swimmer when I was younger. The one area where I am really not very good (and never have been) is on the bike. I typically hate to ride a bike, especially in any area where cars are zooming around. That’s just a recipe for disaster. Before my leg injury I would never have spent the appropriate amount of time training on my bike. That would have killed me during the race. Now I may have a chance to at least not embarrass myself on the bike portion. Talk about turning a negative into a positive or lemons into lemonade. I don’t even care that I didn’t lose any weight today.

Maybe you can apply this lesson to your life as well. If you have a similar situation think about your options and try different things until you get the right combination that works for you. Maybe you need a different approach to melting off that slab of fat wrapped around your body. Maybe we can melt it off together.

God Bless us fat People,


Day 23 Weight 235 lbs lost 0 lb (60 to go) Changing Course


FatMan here. Hope everyone is getting a little lighter. I have reached a “dreaded” plateau at 235. Usually I can push off fairly easily but I am hampered somewhat by a nagging leg injury/pain. Today I decided to go swimming and swam for a little over 350 yards. Not a whole lot but I am still in the beginning stages of working out.

I have also changed my dietary intake to mostly Protein and Fat with very little Carbohydrates. This should also give my body something different to think about metabolically. I am digging the change in food selection. It does pose a danger of overeating for me though, since I love meat and fatty foods. You know some people would look at this (same weight for 4 days) with panic or depression but the reality is it happens when you lose weight. It is kind of nice that my body isn’t going to just let my weight destabilize without a fight. it lets me know I might have a chance in an emergency situation where I might be without food for an extended period of time.

It is times like these where you need to redouble your conviction and not “give in” to your Urkles (food urges). They seem to pop up when you might be most vulnerable. Stay strong, and believe in yourself. If you need some help, or are in a similar situation come talk it over with me at

God Bless us Fat People,


Day 22 Weight 235 lbs lost 0 lb (60 to go) Week 4 Start


FatMan here. OK so yesterday I decided not to exercise in hopes that my leg would get better. I guess it helped a little but when I got on the gazelle this afternoon for a little lite striding I had to quit after about 7 minutes. This is going to force me to change how I exercise for the next few weeks. Maybe I will try swimming and use my arms more.

FatMan Knowledge Nugget: There is more than one way to “skin a cat”. If you encounter an obstacle get creative and learn how to use it to your advantage wherever possible. Otherwise adapt you behavior to accommodate the new circumstances you find yourself in.

So I head into Week 4 ahead of my weight loss schedule and feeling pretty good. I will have a new picture up tomorrow morning that will hopefully mirror my progress. You can check it out here. I noticed that for the last few days I have stayed at a constant weight. This is normal. It is really ABNORMAL to lose weight every day. It just means that my body has won the battle to stabilize at 235. For Now. However, I am changing tactics for this week. I am going to try something a little more radical from a food intake perspective. I am going to intake as high of a % of protein/fat as I can. With the majority being protein.

This should get my body back into a ketonic state by Tuesday. I predict a weight loss of 4-6 pounds this week even without exercise. After this week I will review my progress and if I am at 23-26 lbs lost for the month I will go to a more conventional eating program next month.

I know some of you eat on the run and for you guys I have the following advice. Eat a good meal in the middle of the day so you can burn it off during the afternoon evening. Don’t go out at night, go work out even if it is just a walk on the tredmill. And make sure to drink lots of water all the time.

I hope you are doing well. Come see me if you think you need to help you.

God Bless us Fat People


Day 21 Weight 235 lbs lost 0 lb (60 to go) Overcoming Obstacles


FatMan here. I know a lot of what I share with you is motivation and even some rah rah stuff. But sometimes life is going to get you. I don’t care how well you do on say (your diet). There are other forces in nature that can rise up and smack you. No matter whether it is a family emergency, job crisis, or maybe even a force of nature “sh** happens”. And it happens to us all without fail.

You are going to have obstacles. The real question is how do we react to them. How do we overcome them. Sometimes the right answer is not easy or quick. Sometimes you do not know the answer or even how to proceed. So you do the best you can.

I mention this because as we lose weight we will encounter obstacles. I have one now. My right leg has some kind of strained ligament or pinched nerve. It makes any kind of exercise involving my leg very painful. The pain comes and goes, but consistently returns. It is going to make exercising today a real adventure. So that is my current obstacle.

Do I continue exercising and hope the leg gets better over time? Do I rest the leg and not exercise? Do I do another form of exercise that does not involve my leg? Do I go eat a pizza and worry about it tomorrow? (just kidding)

I will let you know what I do tomorrow but I know that I need to exercise to help me maintain a high metabolism and lose weight.

Here is a saying for you and your obstacle:

  • Can’t never could. No one that couldn’t do something ever got it done. Believe in yourself!

I like it because it is simple, direct, and to the point.

Here’s hoping you overcome your next obstacle with ease. If you need some help overcoming your Food Addiction come see me at

God Bless us Fat People


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